Bloodsnake's GODZILLA (2014) Collection!


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Hey NINJAS! As you all know, I absolutely FU**ING love the new EPIC GODZILLA movie! :drool: :thumbs: :cool:! I haven't enjoyed a film this much in years! BEST Movie Experience... EVER! The KING of Monsters is back baby! ;) ゴジラ

So here it my friends... the start of my newest Collection! GODZILLA!

Here I am at the Premiere! And my IMAX Tickets and 3D Glasses! :thumbs:

Real 3D Glasses Exclusive!

AMC Theater Cup!

Water Kanteen!

Frisbee Promo!

Promotional Button Set!

Movie Theater Mylar #1
Movie Theater Mylar #2 - My Favorite! :drool:

My AMAZING GIFT from my Ninja Bros @mlmaier84 @tridon @MGD @Aniv THANKS! :notworthy::thumbs:

IMAX Mini Poster!

Amazing Posters! :photo:

My NEW Mini Poster from @mlmaier84! :notworthy: THANKS buddy! :thumbs:

The UK Empire Magazines

My Kick Ass Gift from @DADDYCOOL187 :cool: THANKS buddy! ;)

Official Movie Novel!

Awakening Graphic Novel!

Art of Destruction! :cool: I love this DAMN Book! I was pleasantly surprised to discover the poster at the back of the art book! :OMG:

Japanese Program!!!!! :cool:

U.S.A Soundtrack!

Japanese Soundtrack! :D

Godzilla Vinyl Soundtrack (UK)! The Soundtrack came with an AWESOME Poster!!!!! :photo:

Movie Theater Cup - Japan Exclusive! :drool: :cool:

S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 2014 Figures - Spitfire and Japan Poster Versions!
NECA Action Figure (6 Inch)!!!

NECA Action Figure (12 Inch)!!! :drool:
Both NECA Editions for a Size Comparison! ;)

JAKKS PACIFIC Giant Size Godzilla Figure! A Gift from my lovely wife! :drool:

My EPIC Gift from @tridon! :D THANKS buddy! :notworthy: I love this little Godzilla Figure! You have to press on his back to make him ROAR and a blue LED light turns on! FU**ING COOL! :cool:

My EPIC Comic-Con Exclusive from @poncholo :notworthy: Thanks buddy! YOU'RE FU**ING AWESOME!!! :cool:

Hallmark 2014 Ornament!

NECA WizKids Set! :thumbs:

NECA Scalers! Thanks @Scary Hair :kiss:


Japanese Coin!

My Awesome Collector Pins from my EPIC AMIGO @PKAVFC Gracias! :thumbs:

My EPIC New items from @tridon F**K YEAH!!! Thanks TWIN-Kie! :notworthy:
The ROAR Card is FU**ING AWESOME! It indeed ROARS when you open it! :D The 2 Pens are AWESOME! :drool:
The Projector Pen is EPIC! Press the button to see Godzilla! ;)

My EPIC Gift that I received from @MGD for my Birthday!!! :drool: THANKS NINJABro! :cool:

The EPIC Blu-Ray Promotional Poster!!! :drool: :drool: :drool: :woot: :cool: :notworthy:

I fu**ing LOVE these EPIC Thailand Editions! :drool: THANKS @PKAVFC! :thumbs: :notworthy:
2 Disc DVD Special Edition!
Blu-Ray with Glorious Slipcover! :drool:

Taiwan DVD with lovely Slipcover! :drool: A huge THANKS to @Naughtius Maximus, I appreciate your help buddy! :thumbs:

VCD Edition! Thanks @vläd for helping me with this! ;)

FuturePak with 1/4 Slip! (KOREA) :cool: F**K YEAH! Thanks NINJA Bro @DADDYCOOL187 :notworthy:

The ONE and ONLY, the 'USA Roaring FuturePak'! :drool: Thanks @bantha11! :woot: And especially for my NEW HUGE 'Blu-Ray Promotional Poster from FYE'!!! :) :photo:

2D and 3D Blu-Rays!

Target Exclusive! :woot:

Wal-Mart Exclusive with Art Cards (Canada)! :drool: THANKS @tridon!!!

Godzilla/Pacific Rim (Mexico) Double Pack! :cool:

UK 3D HMV Exclusive - My EPIC SS Gift from my brotha from anotha motha @PKAVFC! :woot: Thanks for my AWESOME Steel and especially for the unique Lenti! I fu**ing love them! :drool::cool:

FutureShop Exclusive Steelbook! (Canada) Thanks @Drum18! :thumbs:

Germany Steelbooks!

Amazon Exclusive Digibook - Spain! :drool:

Amazon Exclusive with Steelbook - Japan! :)
And the Steelbook!

My Amazing BluFans Exclusives (China) from the HND Shop! :thumbs: Thanks @Wreck!
Lenticular #0362/1000
Full Slip #0325/1000
My Precious! :drool:

My FU**ING EPIC ULTIMATE Edition (Amazon Exclusive - Germany) #147/1,500! :woot: :cool: :notworthy: :drool:

And my EPIC Sideshow Collectibles Statue - #065/500 :drool:

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@bloodsnake007 that looks f@cking awesome!!! :OMG:

Awesome my friend!

That is pretty sweet looking, looks very solid too! Probably fairly heavy

Awesome addition to your collection

WOW!!! :woot: That is awesome :thumbs:

Great addition to the collection:thumbs:. Impressed by it!:notworthy::notworthy::notworthy: Awsome!!!!:drool::drool::drool:

It's a beauty, Franky. I guess Alyssa's gonna have to move out soon. The Big G is taking over your household! :D

#065/500 is a pretty good number, too! :thumbs:

:woot: Thanks Ninjas! :notworthy: :cool: :thumbs:
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