Bloodsnake's Home Theater Room!


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Hello my Ninja Brothers and Sisters! :woot:

hdn film reel.jpg

My wife and I have been living here in our 2 bedroom Condo for over a year now, and as of today (Thanksgiving Weekend) I'm proud to share my still 'Work in Progress' Home Theater Room! :notworthy: :cool: :thumbs: It's certainly not the best, but it's MINE! :drool:

Above the entrance I've hung a metal 'CINEMA' tin sign that my wife recently purchased for me. And on the other side before exiting, you will see another metal 'THEATER' sign.
My Theater Room_1.JPG My Theater Room_2.JPG

So far I've hung King Kong 1933, Nacho Libre, Godzilla 2014, and Pacific Rim Posters! :photo: And my NECA Action Figures!
My Theater Room_3.JPG My Theater Room_5.JPG

And my kick ass comfy couch and wall of (unorganized) blurays/collectibles/and other random sh*t! ;)
My Theater Room_6.JPG My Theater Room_7.JPG

Thanks for stopping by, now it's time to pop in the bluray in the PS4 and the popcorn in the microwave!


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Looks awesome Franky! I gotta say, I think my favorite part is Chewbacca Jr. just chillin' there waiting to watch a movie with you guys! haha So great!
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving buddy!
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