Bloodsnake's TMNT (2014) Collection!


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May 18, 2013
! :woot: :notworthy: :cool:
My TMNT Collection - Cowabunga!!!.jpg

Hello my Ninjas! :cool: I've been meaning to share my TMNT Collection, and now that I finally received my newest additions (FR4ME and BluFans Edition), I'm READY! :thumbs: You ALL know I'm a huge fan of this film and I can't wait to see Part 2 next year! :drool: Hope you enjoy it DUDES and DUDETTES!!! :woot:

At the Movies!

2D Blu-ray with Heavy Embossed Slip!

2D Blu-Ray with Masks Slip!

3D Blu-ray with Lenti Slip!

Target Exclusive Slips!

Walmart Ultimate Gift Set!

Toys-R-Us Exclusive with Earbuds! :headphone:

BluFans Exclusive!

FR4ME Edition!

Best Buy Exclusive Steelbook!

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Fingers crossed for you dude,it's a sweet collection! I know eBay isn't everyone's favourite but there is one on the UK one if you was seeking it. Straight away!...
@Selman1422 Thanks my friend! :thumbs: I'm also looking at a few listings on eBay ;) I've just been kicking myself on the ass for not getting this when it was 1st released! :mad: :banghead: :meh:
Awesome work Franky @bloodsnake007 !! :OMG:

Cowabunga indeed dude :thumbs:
@zoneism :woot: Thanks Luke!

NINJA Bro Fist Bump! :punch: :cool:
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