Hi-Def Audio Blu-ray Music BDs - What ya think? Goodbye CDs?

Could this be the future? Everyone knows CDs are going to **** with digital downloads like itunes and what not ... could this be the last chance or disc format music?

Ludacris is dropping his cd on blu-ray as most have probably heard. It will be like all the videos and extra footage and some shows in blu-ray paired with the cd itself ... Could this replace CDs?

Honestly, I'm extremely liking the idea. They've already been doing CDs with DVDs inside them for years (And I never play those DVDs)... However having it all in a blu-ray case and in 1080p makes me want to buy it all the more.
Jan 28, 2009
Manteca, CA
So it's going to be a CD with a BD? Idk, I never watched the extra stuff they have on the DVD. I think if they market and present it well it could do good. Most of the time the DVD's would have a music video or two and then some other concert footage or video footage that looks like it was just thrown in.
Nah one way or another either CD stays afloat or Digital downloads take over, no more physical media if CD doesn't survive, statistics show digital download being ahead so it's tough to take out another format and hope for it to win ground from downloads.
Jan 28, 2009
Manteca, CA
I don't think physical media will be dumped. Now for BD replacing everything CD format wise (excluding DVD) I think it would take a long time, if that happened. But I don't think we will ever go to purely digital download for any kind of media content.
You could have tons of songs on a BD. Or even have them really high quality. I could see this happening in the future.

Be kinda bad ass to buy like an artists albums all on one BD.

like if he/she/they had 10 albums up until now and you could get it all one "collectors" BD ... ofcourse it would cost more, like maybe $60-$90 .. But that would be pretty pimp lol.
That's a lot of money for music, unless I am getting 24bit+ at like 320kbps or higher I ain't buying to simply get all albums in one BD is not enough they have to be able to justify a high price if it does happen.


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Man, I would love lossless audio for music. i can't stand buying itunes music. It sounds like absolute garbage. It always has that digital metallic sound to it even if it's barely noticeable.