Blu ray slipcovers and normal blu rays for trade

I have the following blu ray slipcovers for trade:

X-men apocalypse only 2D disc in italian slipcover (with CZ discs from Filmarena steelbook)

The following pictures and titles , I am only selling the normal 2D blu rays , NOT the 4K discs
I have placed the 4K discs in my steelbook titles

willing to trade against the following titles:

Jurassic Park 4K steelbook
Jurassic Park The Lost World 4K steelbook
jurassic Park III 4K zavvi steelbook
Or Jurassic Park I , II III, 4K discs with dutch subs

A Few Good Men 4K blu ray
Star Trek First Contact UK steelbook
The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey 3D+2D steelbook france
the hobbit the desolation of smaug 3D+2D blu ray with dutch subs

Steelbooks offered for trade, can be open as long as their in mind condition
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