BODY DOUBLE- BOX ULTRA COLLECTOR No. 1 (1 BD, 2 DVDs, 1 book of 200 pages) [France]


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Feb 4, 2011
Release date : December 2nd
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Ultra Collector boxes: the new range at Carlotta

De Palma film introduces the most exclusive range of Carlotta. Body Double will be the first title of the collection "Boxes Ultra  Collector," which will set the bar high: limited editions and numbered to 3000 examples, masters of original 2K or 4K, goodies and more exclusive products. Oh, and one more thing: the cabinets will not be reissued or repressés.

In addition to the single Blu-ray content, this box will offer the following content:

- An exclusive video by Jay Shaw, an artist of the publishing house cinema objects Mondo Films,created exclusively for this Carlotta cabinet,
- Susan Dworkin's book "Double De  Palma" (published in the US in 1984 but never published in France), embellished by 50 unpublished photos from the filming of Sony Pictures Entertainment archives

The Ultracollector cabinet Body Double will be sold at € 49.99. The filmmaker's fans would be wise to preorder, he soon exhausted.
Mondo Creative Services. I know your blurb says such, but Jay's symbolic logo struck out at me first. Pretty slick .... wonder how big the book is.... Its obviously made to display in that view on a shelf due to numbering. But man, 200 pages is quite a lot ... great for content but if you continue the line I hope they can keep things within that range so you don't end up having some 60 page book next and its all super slim. :p Shipping might be killer on these. Not so bad with Amazon tho.
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