[Bottleneck Gallery] Chef Bear by Fnnch


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Aug 29, 2011
New York, NY
This Tuesday, Fnnch cooks up a new figure; Mark Chilcott makes us cry; and Eren Arik makes us scream KANEDAAAA!

A little while back we released Fnnch’s first figure, Honey Bear. As a follow-up, we’ve teamed up with Fnnch again to bring Chef Bear to the art toy world. Chef Bear was the original follow-up to Fnnch’s initial Honey Bear design in 2014, which was painted onto mailboxes and utility boxes, making it the perfect choice for our second art toy release.

Mark’s incredibly creative take on Up features Carl’s life, beautifully and symbolically and heart-breakingly rendered. Up continues to be a top-5 tearjerker, and Mark has done a great job capturing Carl’s initial transformation.

Eren’s print, inspired by Akira, is a stupendous vertical view of Neo-Tokyo. Everything, including Kaneda, stretches vertically and creates an awesomely cool ode to Akira.

Chef Bear will be available on Tuesday (1/17) @ 11AM ET exclusively on fnnch.toys!

Mark and Eren’s prints will be available on Tuesday (1/17) @ 12PM ET on our homepage!


Chef Bear
by Fnnch
Solid resin figure
8.5 inches tall
Limited edition of 300
Available via FNNCH.TOYS!