Brave (Empty Blu-ray Viva Metal Box)(Best Buy Exclusive) [USA]

Apr 7, 2012
Here is hoping this means BBY will have the Brave Viva!
Possible link: Best

Group buy for international members here


Special Offers:
Free Shipping
Brave (Pre-Sell Collectible Case) (Bby) (DVD)
SKU: 6800822
Format: DVD Release Date: 11/13/2012

Actual pics thanks to urbeenjammin:


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this would be nice, wonder when the floor date would be as they are usually out about a month before.
Thanks to The Nice Guy over at BR forums


Yeah, someone is already using his pic to sell these already for $25 + the shipping cost is as much as the viva itself.

I guess we all missed out, because the auction states ""BEST BUY STEELBOOK IS STRICTLY LIMITED and SOLD OUT!!!" :rolleyes:
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just wondering but if there is a link up that was exactly like how the avengers and cinderella were for pre-order and the same price... why is this considered a possibility and not reality ?

or is it just because it hasn't been officially confirmed ?