Brett Rogers has the perfect strategy to beat Fedor!

This article is hilarious!

Much like Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida, Fedor Emelianenko has an uncanny ability to evoke horrible game plans from the people he fights. Mostly it's because, when you fight someone who seems damn near unbeatable at the time, you have to come up with some way of convincing yourself that you've found the one brilliant approach that everyone else missed. The more people/brilliant approaches he's already destroyed, the fewer there are still available. And the good ones tend to go quickly, leaving guys like Brett Rogers to rely on woefully inept plans like this:

“There’s loopholes in everybody’s game, and in his game, the way I see it, he can sometimes get a little sloppy. He is a patient guy, but when he feels that he has to give, he kind of rushes it a little bit. Just on that, I can kinda set him up for a knockout just by faking an injury or something, just jump in and out his offense a little more than not. Hit and move. Hit and move.”

Yeah, you read that right. "The Grimm" plans to beat the world's best heavyweight in part by faking an injury. And he just announced it to the entire English-speaking world, at least one member of which probably knows enough Russian to pass the word on to Fedor. Keep an eye on those betting odds. Something tells me that the +475 line on Rogers is about to change.

The only reasonable explanation here is that Rogers is screwing with us. He's using a little misdirection, trying to lure Fedor into a trap. There's just no way he really believes that the key to knocking out Fedor is to pretend to be hurt. That isn't possible. You know how I know that isn't possible? Because no one is that dumb. No one.

Well played, Brett. You almost had me. Faking an injury. You crazy guy. Now seriously, what's the plan? Before you answer, let me just say that if you even look like you're about to say something about pretending to have the flu, I'm walking out of here and never coming back.