Cakes and Comics - Mystery tube sale by Matt Ferguson


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Feb 23, 2014
Coming soon. 4-5 prints per tube. 50 GBP

"I am currently picking prints for it and aim for it to go live some time next week (fingers crossed). It will be a limit of 2 tubes per person so anyone who orders more will get a refund.

I am looking at 4-5 prints per tube and will try to guarantee at least one top tier print in every tube... these include:

GOTG Star Wars (only 1 of these)
Nausicaa (only 1)
The whole Distant Lands collection
LOTR trilogy from distant lands (counts as 3 prints)
GMA Iron Man (all versions)
GMA Thor (all versions)
Batman V Superman
Indiana Jones trilogy (counts as 3 prints)
Pacific Rim Jaws
and a GID Tardis

There may be some other surprises such as sketches.

The other prints are stuff from Influences, a few bits and bobs from old HCG shows, some Marvel lithos and a couple of letterpress prints.

Some of these prints may have very minor dings etc (but not the GOTG that is mint)"

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Mar 19, 2014
A 50 pound lotto ticket for the famed GotG? I am in. Hopefully we can request any owned prints are left out. I own his GMA prints and the LOTR trilogy.

I just hope I don't get stuck with 4 prints I can't sell or don't want like in the GMA mystery tube.

My dream tube would have Pacific Rim and GotG. And whatever else he throws in there.

Plus the dollar conversion from USD to GBP is at more than a 5 year low
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