California considers ban on certain TVs

It's a bandwagon that's easy to hop on, and it's got HDTV owners and technologists alike in The Golden State buzzing. Reportedly, the California Energy Commission is "considering a proposal that would ban California retailers from selling all but the most energy-efficient televisions," a move that could knock up to 25 percent of current TVs from store shelves. Needless to say, the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) and its supporters are up in arms over the whole idea; after all, most manufacturers have already voluntarily complied with the newfangled Energy Star 3.0 standard. The commission calculates that buying a set meeting its proposed standards would save between $18 and $30 per year (per set) in energy costs, which would definitely add up state-wide. Honestly, we envision this fizzling out within the next few weeks, but we've definitely seen crazier things passed.

This is silly, lately the democrat lobby in the state is coming up with some dumb bs, this is just another stupid idea IMO. Just like the eliminate all black color automobiles because it will make people use their AC and is bad for the environment proposal....dumb I tell you!
Im actually for this and against this, if your STATE really needs this help .... but I think it should just be a city ban not a state wide ban .... cause here's the thing ... dont make it illegal to own or order like via amazon or stuff ... but for general shalackys who buy just the cheapest stuff anyways then it would cut down alot where as anyone who really wants a good tv can go buy it in another city limit or order online.

But I guess your right, Cali will fall off in the ocean before anything else :p