Canada Post eliminating support for tracking?


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May 15, 2014
Ontario, Kanada
Hello all, I don't know if people outside of Canada will know anything about this but if you do, feel free to share what you know :)

I just heard from @Actarus that Canada Post is eliminating support for 'international parcel track and signature required' option. Which is pretty much any tracking number starting with letter 'R'.

Apparently, EMS will still be trackable. But you guys know how expensive that can be.

So has anybody else encountered issues when trying to track a package?

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Mar 28, 2014
I have an update to add, basically to make a long story short
for the Usual ''International Parcel Track and signed for service''
with the Tracking number Starting by ''R....''

My Parcel which was non working Tracking number,
Was still handled the same way as Usual.
There was the Usual ''Registered mail / Tracking Number'' Sticker created by
Canada Post on the Parcel. The only difference ''as of now'' it seems
that they create the tracking number for Canada Post internal Purpose only
(as it is no longer working on Canada Post Website).

I had the signature required still,
so it seems no changes other than
we can't track our packages.
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