Captain America: The Winter Soldier (3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [Hong Kong]

Nov 9, 2013
Hong Kong S.A.R.
Pre-order date: from now until 11th August
Release date: 15th August 2014
Price: $299 HKD
Buy Link:
Buy Link: HMV.HK
Specs: Region A, Audio: English, Subtitles: Chinese, English
Join lucky draw at same time, to win a headphone!

Look the slip......finally I can say HK steel fxxking awesome!!!


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Ditto to the below...Any HK member can help us with this one :woot: :woot: :woot:

Thanks buddy. where I can order this steel ?

maybe i pass the tw edition and go for my first hk steel?!? :D

I need this slip

Sorry but I can't find a link , can someone can help me ?

I've been looking too. Can't find a listing online for it anywhere

if anyone from Hong Kong is able to help, that would be great !
The only one web store I know in HK, that's the HMV HK, they updated new page two days ago, but I was checked, they haven't place this to the web yet, so just for in store order this moment.

HK steel is hard to buy, you can't buy many at the same place, because the seller not that much stock for you, so I don't think will have GB here.

Anyone interested I can try to buy for you, no guarantee! As I said, it is hard to get them all, if too many will so hard to get! But I can try, just pm me!
How much money would that be on pound sterling. I would be certainly interested if it wasn't too dear. I missed out on the zavvi one so this may be my only change to get any steelbook of this film. Obviously you wouldn't know the exact price but a rough guess.
Purchase requests posts were deleted. Since a post indicated a GB would not be able to happen please keep it to PMS for purchase inquiries through anyone who can source
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