Mondo Captain America : The Winter Soldier by Rich Kelly

Damn that looks awesome, I would like a variant, but I hate Mondo's ordering system. I am not paying ebay prices either. Oh well.


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I know his arm is suppose to be bionic but it just looks wrong there! And Black Widow looks, well for a lack of a better word "flat".

Aside from that nit pick its a decent enough print.
Yeah, the more I look at this, the more that arm bothers me. I'd still love to get one of the Variants though!

More I look at the print more it doesn't work IMO. Captain's head is almost the size of his fist....

This print's a pass for me (assuming I could land it at drop time, lol).
Not overly impressed with this print. Doesn't look like they got a true likeness license.
It would have been neat to see the winter soldier without his mask on the varient.
Yea it looks odd. Concept was awesome but end result execution was not. No offense to artist since it's just my opinion :)
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not too sure about Caps hand compared to head, but I think the shoulder issue can be explained. I don't think that is his shoulder I think the artist mishmoshed the shied with TWS, and put the star from the shield in front of his shoulder while then putting the rest of the shield behind it. Either way it is a bit odd, but that seems to make some sense at least to me