Captain Marvel (Reel Synergy Productions Full Slip - RS1) Raffle


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The raffle will only run if all spots are filled.

Brand new. One of 30 copies only.

Cap marvel.jpg

20 slots at $10 each, buy as many spots as you like. Payment will be as gift payment and collection of payment only happens if 20 spots fill. Shipping free within the US, anywhere else will be at cost.

Reply with your spot #

1. @epoohrita7 PAID
2. @DudleyMan PAID
3. @Gemma PAID
4. @Gemma PAID
5. @DudleyMan PAID
6. @Gemma PAID
7. @epoohrita7 PAID
8. @Staind PAID
9. @east white PAID
10. @ryan11 PAID
11. @Staind PAID
12. @capricornio34232 PAID
13. @Yoshi PAID
14. @DudleyMan PAID
15. @ryan11 PAID
16. @Darkinoux PAID
17. @davhyl PAID
18. @Blu-ray-Bro PAID
19. @capricornio34232 PAID
20. @davhyl PAID

Drawing will be at random, one winner.
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