Carpenter Brut

Dec 4, 2015
Near Paris France
I love Big John. One of my all time favourite filmaker with QT and the best music composer to me. So many great movies and masterpieces like The Thing, In the mouth of Madness, Big trouble..., Vampires... I love the guy and he was a tremendous source of inspiration on my music as well. Just a Master.
I also seen him live in Paris when he began touring with his scores a few years ago. What a blast to see him live as when I grew up he was probably the first filmmaker I knew by name since my 2 brothers were fan of his work.
Oct 1, 2013
There are two subgenres, although they're so big, could be genres of their own, that I 'discovered' during my life, Industrial Electronica, back in the 90's, with Diary of Dreams being the most excellent throughout all the years, and retro synthwave, which is a new genre, presumably started around 2009-10, when 'children of the 80's' grew up and became nostalgic. Many artists seem to have come from industrial electronica, and Carpenter Brut must be the best here, with some perfect god-like tracks. Of course he's from France, like Jean-Michel Jarre before, and there's no better place to start in the subgenre, if you haven't heard it before.

Best couple of compositions, in my opinion:

There is a video of his, that YouTube removed for having... naked tits a few seconds here and there. It consists of clips from 80's horror movies (I assume, I haven't seen those, and don't want to), but the point is, it has dozens of bloody, gory murders, which are OK for YouTube, but not those horrible, titillating titties! You know god forbids that! Reminds me of Larry Flynt's speech about ugliness of war, and ban on nudity.
Anyway, Carpenter Brut sarcastically edited and reposted that video, with great shaming text at the beginning, pause to read it please (or I made a screenshot, thumbnail below), but be duly warned of its gory content.


Turbo Killer video was intended as a teaser for a short film (well, 50 minutes, not too short) Blood Machines, it'll make more sense if you watch that! Not available for free.

I love Big John. One of my all time favourite filmaker ...
Dude, you mixed up John Carpenter and Carpenter Brut, although being a synthwave artist I'm sure that's where inspiration for the name came from.
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