Castlevania : Lords of Shadow

Jan 29, 2009

TGS trailer

Boss Battle Trailer
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Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 'Reverie' DLC Dated For the End of March

Konami has today slapped a solid release date on 'Reverie', the first of two announced downloadable chapters for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, as well as a price for the add-on.

Picking up with Gabriel Belmont helping estranged vampire girl, Laura, Reverie marks a return to the game's climactic castle setting as Belmont must guide the little bloodsucker to safety across three stages.

Reverie promises a "breathtaking twist" to the game's plot, as well as a segue into the next DLC chapter entitled 'Resurrection'.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow's Reverie add-on will be available on March 30th for £6.39/€7.99/$9.99.
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Black Sunshine

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Nov 3, 2010
I destroyed this game on the 360, i loved every min of this game! im looking forward to the New Chapters, hopefully they are not exclusive to PS3 as i dont want to re-buy the game to play the DLC.
Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow's Reverie DLC Out in Europe Next Week

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Producer, David Cox, has taken to Twitter this weekend to announce that the heavily delayed Reverie DLC will be hitting the PSN in Europe next week.

Yes, next week.

"Reverie will be out next week on XBox Live worldwide and PSN in Europe," said Cox. "Apologies for the delay. Thanks for being patient with us!! :)"

The Reverie DLC sees the game's protagonist, Gabriel Belmont, head back to the game's castle to aid Laura, the servant to Camilla the vampire, and help defeat an unruly evil entity. Introducing new areas, new enemies and more story, it's an episode that Lords of Shadow fans surely can't afford to miss.

So there you have it. It looks like you Europeans won't have to wait that much longer for your Reverie fix. Well, unless it gets delayed... again!


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this game is awesome! I'm about half way through. it's ridiculously long too.....2 disks, but the stages are pretty complex. when I get a chance, I need to get back to it to finish, especially before the next one comes out.