Cellphones - 4th gen Iphone=Mega Hotness?


Jan 27, 2009
San Pedro, CA
So any of you guys phone aficionados? I am always looking at the new stuff that's coming out, I always like carrying something new not for flashing or anything I just love tech :)

I am going to make this thread for everything that has to do will mobile technology so anyone is welcome to contribute!

Apple iPhone
As an iPhone user obviously I am waiting for OS 3.0 which should be a nice change of pace, they are adding features which should have been there since day one! So the new OS update is in beta stages and it seems like hackers are already all over it as it has been jailbroken :) I personally don't do it.

Link for Jailbroken 3.0 article


(This is my home screen BTW!)

Palm Pre
So Palm has worked up their own OS and is prepping and a release along with new hardware. I can't reveal my sources yet since I am under NDA, but I got to say that the new Palm phone is sweet! it's fast for now there's some stuff that needs to be worked on. There are some nice features that I am digging on this phone the only problem I really find is that it will only go to Sprint, I am not big on Sprint specially around where I live the service is a bit overpriced and I am not willing to make that plunge. Palm has some sweet features up their sleeves though I talked to the designer last Friday and yeah these guys are excited to see their ideas come to reality :)



So far the applications I've played with are cool and reliable, it's able to multitask without a problem! I am sure all Palm lovers will find this little toy fascinating!

I'll be back with more phones later!
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no phone officially announced yet. but i'm waiting for one powered by tegra..


word is there will be quite a few phones out by years end

I've seen so many Nvidia phones and so many ATI phones at E3 before and they've never seen the light, the phones I've played with at their booth are always top notch nothing comes close to their processing power and yet they never get released. I'll probably see that phone at their E3 booth this year.
I've seen so many Nvidia phones and so many ATI phones at E3 before and they've never seen the light, the phones I've played with at their booth are always top notch nothing comes close to their processing power and yet they never get released. I'll probably see that phone at their E3 booth this year.

thankfully (i think at least) nvidia has got it right this time. there's no separate cpu and gpu to waste battery power and there shouldn't be driver issues to make things slow. but if there's no faith, check out qualcomms snapdragon chipset. same idea, but i think nvidia's will end up being better
Sweet I am going to have to check this out, I am going to ask some of my contacts at Qualcomm about Snapdragon. I am not sure what division they work in so who knows if knows if he'll be able to tell me anything lol if not I'll do my research.

I've been expecting to see a phone Nvidia for quite a bit now so hopefully this time they actually release something.
htc actually has a tegra and snapdragon phone planned for this year, but neither have been officially announced.

the toshiba tg01 actually has snapdragon in it, but i don't see it selling well at all. plus the blades they came up with look slow and clunky, even on a 1ghz cpu! EEK!


but to be honest, i'm still afraid of WM phones running slow with snapdragon and tegra. might actually have to move over to andriod if something isn't done.

and apparently there is going to be a big announcement in june (i forget at what trade show) about nvidia. i'm hoping for some htc/nvidia love. but we'll see.

here's the leaked roadmap for htc

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I am just hoping to see some kind of prototype at E3 as they always had them. Anyways that's a nice list you got there. The article from Engadget is cool I like what Toshiba has going there.

I think WM is too slow, too many problems to deal with. There's a similar software running on certain Samsung phones that sort of does the blades and is slow I always hear my co worker complaining about it :) always crashes. He removed it or he simply doesn't open it now.

I've used WM before and had to change it. The OS and hardware never seem to be optimized correctly leading to many problems. I think an Android OS would benefit the hardware you just listed.
Remember the blurry blob of pixels reputed to be Samsung's entrance to the Android handset market? It was initially expected to come into focus sometime after July, but word from Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, a Samsung VP, is that the phone will see international release a month earlier, in June. He has also confirmed that two other Google-powered handsets are in development by the company, both set for US release sometime in the second half of the year. The phones are said to be "totally different" from each other and will be so at odds they'll have to go to separate networks or risk creating a hilarious feud of the type we haven't seen since TV's Perfect Strangers. Both are said to offer considerable enhancements and tweaks to Android that should distance them HTC's offerings, but will the two ever stand a chance of getting along? Don't be ridiculous!


My brother works for T-Mobile so I might get him to help me out with this thread as is quite interesting :) anyways I appreciate your contribution Xtop. I am going to try and get some information on this device.

Also here's a Palm Pre hands on.


This phone is freakin cool!! :) Lucky you if you are in Sprint when this baby comes out!
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To Americans, the full-QWERTY G2GO will end up being known better as the X-tc on Virgin Mobile when it launches next week; the Laylo numeric slider hasn't been announced for launch on any carrier just yet, but Kyocera assured us that they're in talks to bring it to market (likely also with Virgin Mobile, if we had to muster a guess). Neither device is going to blow anyone away with sheer, unadulterated functionality or beauty, but they make perfect sense for Virgin's value-conscious audience, and the G2GO / X-tc might be Virgin's best-looking QWERTY device to date. We struggled a bit with the Laylo's send and end keys -- they're not tactile, but the slide mechanism's loose enough to make you wonder about the build quality every time your fingertip touches the icon. Pre-production jitters, perhaps?


New Kyocera phones coming to Virgin Mobile, they look ok, I actually had a Kyocera phone way back when Verizon carried them. It was ok not bad.

We know your pain, Vuzix users. You hop on the subway just trying to enjoy a little in-your-face action before the workday begins, and within minutes the accusations and stereotypes start flying. "Look, it's Geordi La Forge!" "LeVar Burton, what's good?!" "Can I try my Zune on that?" Depressing, really. Unfortunately for you, Vuzix's latest cable will not make any of that any more sufferable, though it will enable you to use your existing eyewear with Apple's iPhone and enjoy the spoils of side-by-side, interlaced and anaglyph 3D content. Said cable will be bundled in with the company's iWear AV230XL, though existing customers will definitely want to snag the standalone version for $39.95. The full release is after the break.

Vuzix announces 'Works with iPhone' Apple Certified Cable with 3-D Support for Complete Line of AV Video Eyewear

Rochester, NY – April 2nd, 2009 – Vuzix Corporation, the leader in video eyewear for the consumer, defense and low vision assist markets, is thrilled to announce Apple iPhone® compatibility. Every "Works with iPhone" product is designed for optimal connectivity with the iPhone® and is certified by Vuzix to meet Apple performance standards. Additionally, the cable is the first on the market that supports 3-D video in the following formats:

• Side by Side
• Interlaced
• All 3 Major Anaglyph Modes

The cable will be available bundled with the Vuzix iWear® AV230XL and available as an upgrade for all current Vuzix Video Eyewear customers for only $39.95. Vuzix' ability to allow the consumer to upgrade their video eyewear ensures users have the latest technology without having to repurchase a whole new product.

"The iPhone® compatibility combined with the recent announcements of the Wrap 920AV and the Augmented Reality Accessory Kit keep Vuzix at the forefront of the mobile video and 3-D revolutions," said Vuzix CEO, Paul Travers. "As our products become increasingly more affordable, extensively available and highly compatible with a broad range of content types and mobile devices, the widespread adoption of Vuzix Video Eyewear is inevitable. We are excited to officially extend this compatibility to iPhone® enthusiasts worldwide," added Travers.

Vuzix continues to set the standard for innovative and high-quality Video Eyewear products. The iWear® VR920 is the world's best-selling virtual reality system while the iWear AV310 Widescreen boasts the world's first 16:9 widescreen Video Eyewear. The AV230XL is designed for the everyday consumer and features the convenience of AA-battery power and a sub-$200 price point. The latest edition to the Video Eyewear family, the Wrap 920AV raises the bar once again with a true 'sunglass look'.

To make a purchase or for more specific company information, please visit www.vuzix.com.

For more information on Apple and the process involved with achieving the "Works with iPhone" certification, please visit developer.apple.com/iphone/


Get a load of this!! lol that would look goofy on anyone :)
BTW if you have a G1 and you downloaded aHome stay away form the widget to check your battery status it's call aHome Battery Meter. It will crash your G1! EEK!

The developer released an update in which he makes a few changes and lets the user know that in order for this to work is to uninstall the application and re-install. You've been warned.

My brother had this problem and needed to do a master reset in order to get his phone to work again.

The handset will be T-Mobile's second exclusive Google Android device

Huawei will release the third Google Android phone – dubbed the G3 – on T-Mobile, some time after July 2009.

The low-cost device will have a five-megapixel camera, a 3mm headphone jack and Wi-Fi.

A Huawei spokeswoman said: ‘I can confirm that Huawei will be releasing the third Google phone on T-Mobile this year.’

The move will be T-Mobile’s second exclusive Google Android device. The operator became the sole provider for the first Google phone – the HTC G1 – when it was released in October 2008.

Vodafone announced in February it had won exclusivity on Google Android’s second phone, the HTC Magic.

The HTC Magic will be available from May.

This OS is certainly getting better and better I hope they iron out some of the issues the G1 has. They need to work on a sync client for the PC.
iPhone 3.0 video recording?

iPhone OS 3.0 is riddled with hints that video recording is on the way, and the latest is is this supposed screenshot of a revised camera app with a video toggle. MacRumors says it comes up when certain config files are edited to make it seem like a video camera is present, but it's not clear exactly what steps have to be taken, so we're treating this one cautiously until we can confirm it. Other secret features buried in the plists are said to include "auto-focus camera," "voice control," and "magenetometer," which is assumed to be a compass. Yep, all stuff we'd expect from an iPhone revision around, say, June, but nothing earth-shattering -- and if the video features are as mediocre as the current iPhone camera, we don't think the Flips of this world have too much to worry about.

Update: Boy Genius Report has scored some other 3.0-culled goodies, including what appears to be voice dialing ("Voice Control" as they're calling it), a digital battery strength readout, and further evidence of video support. Beta 3, where are you?


This is of course a rumor until officially announced! This is certainly very difficult to ignore, these could be very cool additions!

We’re sure you hate it every time tech bloggers say “take this with a grain of salt,” but you’re just going to have to take this with a grain of salt. According to the folks over a mobile.se, a German PR rep for Sony Ericsson has gone on the record to state that the Idou — a Symbian-powered device with a 3.5″ touchscreen, monstrous 12 megapixel camera and GPS — is slated to commence retail sales in October with November being the fall-back date. When asked for comments, Gustaf Brusewitz of Sony Ericsson Sweden would only reconfirm the companies previous commitment to ship the Idou “sometime in the second half of the year,” something that we hope means that the Idou will go on sale well before Christmas to help the struggling Japanse/Swedish owned company get back on its feet. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to have a 12 megapixel camera phone in your pocket on Halloween to document your best friend almost blowing his hand off with an M-80? Yeah, that’d be so sweet.


12 Megapixels! EEK! I am sure this will cost an arm in a leg!!