Chandler's Prometheus Collection (All Releases Worldwide!)

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Evil Par5n1p
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Mar 9, 2010
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I've been putting this post off for the past year or so as I wanted higher resolution images, however its now got to the point that I want to just upload images to show the collection off as the amount of effort and cash it took to amass this collection was crazy.

I am uploading this text now and uploading images as I get them..

Firstly.. 2 images of the collection as it stands in my hallway in January 2018:

View media item 24918
View media item 24917
And a quick video I did of the whole collection for a friend:

This collection is, as far as I can tell from the research I have done, complete and includes all of the Steelbook special edition blu-ray releases worldwide. (Non UHD)

These include the following releases:


Taiwan Number 1

Taiwan Number 2


Hong Kong

Japan Number 1

Japan Number 2





Czech Republic

Germany Number 1

Germany Number 2
No Image Yet

France Number 1

France Number 2


UK (Play)

UK (Zavvi)
No Image Yet





USA Target Exclusive FuturePak

USA Target Exclusive 4 Disc Digibook

France Digibook

Hong Kong Play Asia Exclusive VCD

Italy Amazon Exclusive Futurepak

USA Target Exclusive Futurepak

Official Soundtrack on CD

1 Miscellaneous (I need to check where it is from LOL)

FNAC Limited Edition Set (Includes Alien and Avatar)
Prometheus to Alien: The Evolution Box Set (8 Disc Set)

Prometheus: The Art of The Film (I am currently trying to get this signed by the author!)

Prometheus Trilobite vs (Battle-Damaged) Engineer
No Image Yet

Prometheus Series 1 Holo Pressure Suit Engineer (7 Inch)

Prometheus Series 2 Deacon (7 Inch)

Prometheus Series 2 David 8 (7 Inch)

Prometheus Series 3 Holographic Engineer (Chair Suit) (7 Inch)

Promotional Items:
Prometheus Promotional A4 Writing Pad

Prometheus Promotional Protective Laptop Case

Prometheus Promotional Mug (1)

Prometheus Promotional Mug (2)

Prometheus Promotional Weyland Industries Watchpiece

Prometheus Promotional Weyland Industries Prometheus "Now Hiring" Laminated Card

Artwork (All Framed - Same Frame Design)
Prometheus Mondo - Prometheus by JC Richard (Signed and Numbered, Number to be added)
Prometheus Mondo - Prometheus Ansin (Variant) by Martin Ansin (Signed and Numbered, Number 73/200)
Prometheus - David by Tracie Ching (Silk Print, Signed and Numbered, Number )
Prometheus - DNA Strand, Extremely Rare (Silk Print, Signed and Numbered, Number 14/100)
Prometheus Hungarian Promotional Poster
2 Japanese Movie Tickets, framed with 4 different promotional leaflets.
Signed Image of an Engineer, signed by Ian Whyte (Actor, Last Engineer)

Prometheus Promotional Poster signed by the following:
  1. Ridley Scott
  2. Hans Geiger
  3. Michael Fassbender
  4. Charlize Theron
  5. Guy Pearce
  6. Emun Elliot
  7. Benedict Wong
  8. Kate Dickie
  9. Damon Lindelof
  10. Rafe Spall
Framed with Authentication Certificate.

I also have one last print which was created by a company called Film DNA which is not on display as it is printed on Canvas and I didn't have the space to mount it. This Kickstarter project took a screenshot of every film cell and merged them from left to right in sequential order to produce a DNA print of Prometheus.
I do not have an image of this unfortunately.


This has taken quite some time to fully complete, I still do not have all of the figurines or poster prints and some of the promotional items elude me (looking at you Mr USB Pen).

Without the help of this forum I could never have got this collection to this stage.. thank you to all involved.

It is with regret that I will at some point in the near future be putting this entire collection up for sale, this is due to moving house and simply not having the room to accommodate it. It upset me greatly but needs must.

Let me know your thoughts, I have images of all of the items which I will not start the painstaking procedure of uploading LOL.
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Evil Par5n1p
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Mar 9, 2010
South Shields
Superb collection @Chandler_90! I take it you are a fan of the movie then!:D

Thanks, it took some time and a lot of communication (and cash!) to get it to its present state!

At the time I wasn’t sure about the film.. it just kinda got out of hand. Having watch it recently n the cinema back to back with covenant I actually think the film is smarter than a lot of viewers believe.

The additional extras, the stufff they cut, would have made the film far more complete!
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