Cinderella (2015) (Blu-ray SteelBook) [Thailand]


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Mar 28, 2014
WOW This is a very nice artwork, when they update the artwork for other country this one would be nice...but I do love the one that we have of her right now as the temporary one... although this will be WWA so all will be the same.
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Feb 12, 2012
The Steelbook for this could have been awesome but it looks like Disney have got it all wrong. I think I will be cancelling my Zavvi order.
Apr 30, 2015
The steelbook come with gloss finish. The shoe is embossed. On the back side and inside art, the dress of Cinderella is shiny and reflect with the light. Very disappoint that there is no title on the front.... And on the spine.
It's really silly with no Title on it at all!! Other than that it's a fairly nice looking steelbook.
If this is WWA then I can't say I'm pleased.

I actually like the mock up at Zavvi - way better than a plain blue with a sodding shoe!!!

Just been looking at Zavvi and amazon Uk. Neither the VD NOR Blu amaray say 'crative art' or art to be fanalised, and show these images:

71oT9ExYDqL._SL1297_.jpg 81NHEx5s4dL._SL1500_.jpg

So maybe Uk art is different - the back is the front in the Uk, plus title?

I do hope so.
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Mar 24, 2013
OMG - they cannot be serious :(

I felt my heart sink when I saw that pic above of the Thailand edition
(although there does appear to be a title on the spine of the Chinese edition) :dunno:

Can it be true that we will have a title-less spine (which brings the number of U.K. steelbooks without spine titles to about 8 out of approx. 720)?

Apart from the spine issue there is the other abomination of an ugly partial slipcover cutting right across the main front image :sick:

Thanks Disney for going out of your way to ruin what could have been a stunning, sparkling steelbook and give the sack to whoever came up with this design combo (steel and slip).

If the above image is accurate the design of the shoe could not be continued onto the slip because there's no room for a continuation of the artwork due to the large titles which appear to be embossed.

At least this is one steelbook that will look better unsealed than sealed LOL

Do we know if our edition is the same as that for Spain and Italy ?

Please, please, please say it ain't so. . .

If it's like this I'd have preferred the old artwork although I presume that is reserved for the Amaray. .

Do appreciate now why steelbook aficionados buy certain steelbooks from abroad !

Just realised this is in the wrong thread but unfortunately don't know how to move it to the correct 'Cinderella' Zavvi thread :sorry:
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