Cinderella Steelbook Lenticular/Full Slip Mini GB

Oct 14, 2012
Here is a mini GB for Kimchidvd Cinderella. The item is new and sealed, the number will be sent randomly.

The price include international shipping will be :
Lenticular w/ clear slip: 58USD
Full Slip w/ clear slip: OOS

If you are in Africa or S.America or Iceland, the price may higher because of the distance.
There is no quantity limit for member. However the total quantities is VERY limited.

You are welcomed to combine shipping with my other GB.

Imovie Let the Bullet Fly

Blufans Kung Fu Panda
Blufans WallE lenticular
Blufans Frozen

Hdzeta Saving Private Ryan

Also, there are some Kimchi leftovers.Most of them only 1 in stock.
Terminator 2 w/ postcards 80USD
Le grand bleu 1/4 Slip NO.008 85USD
Monsters.Inc 1/4 Slip 75USD

Amelie Tripack 125USD
Ameilie Type B 55USD
Rush Lenti 60USD
Snowpiercer Type A Big Set 100USD
Iron Man Lenti 60USD
Dallas buyers club lenti 50USD
Raid 1 Lenti 50USD

Please leave the quantities you need and pay to [email protected].When you pay, pls cover 5% pp fee. Thanks.

1,chansey Full RH239776728CN
2,BLUCanadian Full LS007969956CN
3,Miguelmf Full RH239753656CN
4,Hiroyuki Lenti RH247991578CN
5,Azulsteel Lenti LS007971098CN
6,HornyRhino Lenti RH240440465CN
7,adrianjturner Lenti RH239777754CN
8,Cymon H Full RH240444538CN
9,Kvack Lenti LS041798412CN
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If is possible,
1 x Cinderella Full Slip combined with 1 x Iron Man Lenti to Spain.

Please, say me the total price with all costs for this.

Thank you.
1x Kingsman Lenticular, 1x Kingsman Full, 1x Frozen Olaf (if any still available)
PM me with invoice! :)
Thanks @d531
Hmmm ... Why is everyone asking for Kingsman Kimchidvd steelbook when the group buy host didn't even mention it in the above thread? Am I missing something here? I would be interested in getting one if there are some copies available.