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Jul 3, 2019


After some very difficult months, we are finally recovering the rhythm of the productions and we can spend few minutes to make a short summary of the next confirmed titles and planned projects for the 3 main lines: Exclusive - ART - CULT

* Preorders dates are subjected to changes

⬛️ CMA - Cine-Museum ART
CMA Official releases:
CMA#19 - IT Chapter 2: Lenticular Full Slip (400) (BR) + Collector's Box Set
(Box Set available combined to IT Chapter 2 lenticular Full Slip Only)
Preorder: TBC
CMA#22 - Birds of Prey [Box Set + Lenticular + Full Slip]
Print Run: 1000 + 200 (2 variants steelbook 4K + BR)
Preorder: End of July 2020
CMA#23 - Doctor Sleep (4K + BR): Box Set + Lenticular Full Slip (steelbook BR) + Full Slip (Amaray 4K UHD)
Box Set artwork matching with The Shining CMA#16
Preorder: Enf of August 2020
CMA#?? - Jaws 35th Anniversary: Box Set + Lenticuar Full Slip (steelbook 4K UHD) + FUll Slip (Amaray 4K UHD + BR)
* Roger Kastel quoted for Lenticular Front Artwork
Preorder: August 2020 (firt half)
CMA#?? - Gladiator (4K + BR): Box Set + lenticular Full Slip (Steelbook 4K + BR) + Full Slip (Amaray 4K + BR)
Preorder: September 2020
CMA#?? - Ford vs Ferrari (Le Mans '66): Lenticular Full Slip (Steelbook 4K + BR)
Preorder: End of September 2020
CMA#?? - TOP GUN: Lenticular Full Slip (Steelbook 4K + BR)
Preorder: TBC
Confirmed but not yet scheduled projects
(all titles are confirmed titles but all characteristics are not yet determined: print run, Box, artworks ...)
CMA#?? - Friday the 13th (Mondo Steelbook BR)
CMA#?? - The Exorcist (Mondo Steelbook 3 discs BR)
CMA#?? - 2001 Space Odissey (Titan's of cult Steelbook 4K + BR)
CMA#03* - The Thing (4K + BR): Full Slip Verison to combine with original CMA#03 Lenticular (Steelbook 4K + BR)
CMA#?? - How the Grinch stole Christmas: Lenticular Full Slip (Steelbook 4K + BR)
CMA#?? - Psycho (Steelbook 4K + BR)
CMA#?? - Inglorious Bastards: Box Set + Lenticular Full Slip (steelbook4K + BR) + Full Slip (Amaray 4K +BR)
CMA#?? - Back to The Future Trilogy 35th Anniversary (3 x Steelbooks 4K + BR)
❌ Cancelled Titles:
CMA#?? - A Quiet Place: Mondo Steelbook 4K + BR
Reason: Universal Pictures Italia did not provide enough copies to produce the ART version
⬛️ CME - Cine-Museum Exclusive
CME#02 - The Goonies 35th Anniversary Celebrative Edition: WEA (Steelbook 4K UHD + Blu Ray)
- Box Set
- Lenticular Full Slip
- Full Slip
CME#03: Creepshow
⬛️ CMC - Cine-Museum CULT
CMC#02 - After Hours (Fuori orario)
[Blu Ray + Bonus DVD]
Variant A + Variant B
Print Run: 1000 (Mediabook)
Projects in progress:
CMA#?? - From Beyond (Terrore dall'ignoto) [Blu Ray]
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