Classic Final Fantasy Games Megathread - 9 Coming to PSN!

Jan 29, 2009

Or play it on your PSP, even. That is, if you have a Japanese PSN account. Today, Square Enix released Final Fantasy VII International on the PlayStation Network.

Final Fantasy VII International is how Square Enix re-released the new and improved American version in Japan on the PlayStation. The International version featured improvements like on-screen arrows, an enhanced management system and an added cut scene that helped explain Cloud's past.

The Japanese language game is priced at ¥1,500 (US$14.93) on the PSN.

Source: Kotaku
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Jan 29, 2009
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Jan 29, 2009
The announcement of Final Fantasy VII coming onto the JPN and HK Playstation networks today made me do a double-take. Then the immediate question is, when will this content reach everywhere else? This will not happen this week, not next week, not even in the next month! Here’s why:

* The release of the game on the Asian storefront coincided with the release of the FFIV: Advent Children movie on Blu-Ray. So, one Final Fantasy release can ride the coattails of another.
* This content has been highly demanded for months, if not years! There is no way that a news item of this magnitude would just come out spontaneously in the middle of April. My guess is that E3 would be the perfect unveiling of this download in America/Europe

But wait… Here’s the catch! Both of these are slated to happen at the SAME TIME! According to, the Blu-ray is supposed to be released on June 2nd, which is the same day that E3 2009 starts in Los Angeles. Coincidence, I think not! Look for FFVII to be downloadable onto the PSN and possibly even XBLA after E3 this year.

Feb 13, 2009
psp version, ps3 remake, and a movie remake would all make me faint on the spot. we're getting the movie but the other two are still speculation. i do hope they make it happen.