[CLOSED] Aladdin Target Digibook Group Buy


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Aug 6, 2010
HDN (and myself) will be hosting a group buy for Aladdin Digibook exclusive to Target.

PRICE : $24.99 (current price on Target.com) + tax + $3.00 gb fee + shipping.

Release date of October 13, 2015

Original listing is here - http://www.target.com/p/aladdin-diamond-edition-blu-ray-dvd-digital-target-exclusive/-/A-31167482

You may request 3x copies per order.

Note that USPS postage increased in June, new cost for 1 item is around $14.50 to ship.

$1.30 insurance per $100 will be included in any quote.

Requesting List:

1) Thailand @Jobby x1 *Shipped
2) UK @DrH x1 *Shipped
3) Australia @Futurhythm x1 *Shipped
4) USA @bloodsnake007 x1 + candy! LOL *Shipped
5) Austria @Engelskind x1 *Shipped
6) UK @viper0210 (no storybook) *Shipped
7) Austria @Paradox11 x1 *Shipped
8) Spain @chansey x2 *Shipped
10) Canada @DevilSmoke x1 *Shipped
11) India @Tejas Phadke x1 *Shipped
12) Hungary @arzo x1 *Shipped
13) UK @Covcraig *invoiced
14) UK @Naughtius Maximus *hold
15) France @Hooltra x1 *Shipped
16) Austria @Renius x1 *Shipped
17) Brazil @Polak x1 *invoiced
18) Slovenia @Mrs Robinson x1 *Shipped
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One copy to the UK please.
Are we sure that this will be a digibook and not a story book and the blu Ray package as per the jungle book?

If it's just a story book I will allow members that have joined to withdraw if necessary. We can't be certain until we see it, but the Jungle Book was listed as movie and book, however.
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