[CLOSED] Back to The Future BOX (FilmArena #159 Exclusive) Group Buy [WORLDWIDE]

[CLOSED] Back to The Future BOX (FilmArena #159 Exclusive) Group Buy [WORLDWIDE]

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[OPEN] Back to The Future BOX (FilmArena #159 Exclusive) Group Buy [WORLDWIDE] - Official HDN GB for FilmArena exclusive of Back to The Future

Release thread: Back To The Future
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Price: 6999 CZK
Paypal Fee: 7% - 490 CZK
HDN GB Fee: 7,5% - 560 CZK

Total: 8049 CZK

After the payment was completed please send an email to [email protected] with following information in the subject of the email: :


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Final GB

PurchaseYesterday at 9:13 PMMiffed8049.00 CZKValidated4LM870282P8500646
PurchaseYesterday at 9:09 PMNightmarez8049.00 CZKValidated40J968873K287925B
PurchaseYesterday at 9:08 PMSteely-Booked8049.00 CZKValidated00958830X0158262R
PurchaseYesterday at 9:07 PMLegolas8049.00 CZKValidated48213857PW326002A
PurchaseYesterday at 9:01 PMrebelrocks8049.00 CZKValidated4HW76867RD027340E
PurchaseYesterday at 9:00 PMAlfred Kantorowicz8049.00 CZKValidated71V08548GT1676349
PurchaseYesterday at 8:57 PMCy18049.00 CZKValidated40S34119T95842419
PurchaseYesterday at 8:56 PMlunazero8049.00 CZKValidated02C19644PV349013T
PurchaseYesterday at 8:55 PMHereticz8049.00 CZKValidated1UX246612D578392V
PurchaseYesterday at 8:55 PMMickle_898049.00 CZKValidated83C64914F6182590C
PurchaseYesterday at 8:55 PMmebeingsilly8049.00 CZKValidated3W765577AA3005008
PurchaseYesterday at 8:55 PMsubbuteo8049.00 CZKValidated1UP57561C1215834M
PurchaseYesterday at 8:55 PMxAceRPG8049.00 CZKValidated74G86996NM188250T
PurchaseYesterday at 8:55 PMjayscott19698049.00 CZKValidated9XF41648PR154190D
PurchaseYesterday at 8:55 PMTheCollector868049.00 CZKValidated3D809715NA783160B
PurchaseYesterday at 8:54 PMHitman8049.00 CZKValidated0JJ13400VD319513Y
PurchaseYesterday at 8:54 PMYellowCake8049.00 CZKValidated3S2160736X585381H