[CLOSED] BluFans Frozen Group Buy

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Oct 14, 2012
Here is a mini GB for Blufans Frozen. The item is new and sealed, the number will be sent randomly.

The price include international shipping will be :
Ultimate(1): 130USD
Empty gift box: 50USD

If you are in Africa or S.America or Iceland, the price may higher because of the distance.
There is no quantity limit for member. However the total quantities is VERY limited.

You are welcomed to combine shipping with my other GB.

Imovie Let the Bullet Fl

Blufans Kung Fu Panda
Blufans WallE lenticular

Kimchi Cinderella

Hdzeta Saving Private Ryan

Also, there are some blufans leftovers.Most of them only 1 in stock.
Wait Alone digibook 45USD
Face Off(1) 60USD
Jacker Reacher(1) 60USD
Rocky(1) NO.017 75USD
G.I Joe(1) No.017 75USD
Thor 2 Dark World Lenti Slip(1) 100USD

Please leave the quantities you need and pay to lingliww@sina.com. When you pay, pls cover 5% pp fee. Thanks.

1,MCMXCII Olaf RH216769508CN
2,Joe Olaf RH216769485CN
3-5,SK117 Elsa,Anna,Ultimate RH028073348CN
6,Bengaloo Olaf RH216769508CN
7,amicro Ultimate RH027694408CN
8,Hiroyuki Ultimate RH028073759CN
9,jammmy Ultimate RH027694399CN
10,damdos94 Ultimate RH027524973CN

11,Shayid Ultimate RH026927755CN
12,Ultron96 Ultimate RH027351116CN

13,AFCFanChris Ultimate RH227264284CN
14,Maximus15 Olaf RH030885230CN
15,ste22 RH031100295CN
16,BulleTooth13 Ultimate Paid
17,nycomet Ultimate LN158784675CN

18,Sajid Ali Ultimate


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1x Olaf to UK please mate (If you have any left that is?)

EDIT: Paid.


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Apr 27, 2015
Are there still some available?
If so I am interested in 1x Elsa, 1x Anna and 1x Ultimate!


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Mar 19, 2015
1 x Ultimate Edition Uk Please

Payment Sent

Pm Sent

Received today 100% Perfect Thank You
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