[CLOSED] GB Interstellar (Blu-ray SteelBook) (HDzeta Exclusive No.7) [China] (1/4 Slip)

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Sep 26, 2010
This GB is for :
Interstellar (Blu-ray SteelBook) (HDzeta Exclusive No.7) [China]
(1/4 slip)

Quantity available for order 80-100pcs
Expected release date : 15-Sep-2015

Item cost USD55 includes paypal fees. (Includes direct shipping from HDZeta to you)

- Hi-Def Ninja rules apply to this GB.
- When committing by replying here, you HAVE to take the item. NO BACKING DOWN!
- Limit of TWO per member.
- Please subscribe to this thread so that you can be directly informed of updates.

- Payment required - when steelbook are ready to be ship. That way, we don't have any bad surprise if the price change. Non-payment after this date will not be entertained.
- I send the invoice via PM and payment must be done via Paypal. (Paypal account alex@vcom.com.sg)
- Please state your nick/username, which title you are paying when making payment and make sure your mailing address is correct and updated.

- Unfortunately, I CANNOT accept Personnal Payment anymore (Paypal rules).

- Please be informed that shipping it's directly dispatch from HDZeta, no refund or whatsoever once the package is sent.


IF you decide not to pay, you can be assured that you're going to be on my personnal blacklist and that Ninja's will find you wherever you are. ;)

: Invoice sent
: Payment received
: Package sent

Please indicate your USERNAME and quantity you wish to join.
(Limit only to two copies per member)

{Username X Qty Country)
  1. kiorochinagui (Spain)

  2. jimgard (UK)
  3. Ranavalone (Finland)

  4. blu78 (UK)
  5. damdos94 (UK)
  6. howarmat (US)
  7. tristar6 (GR)
  8. tristar6
  9. reisspsy (UK)

  10. VRob98 (UK)
  11. VRob98
  12. Netclone (CA)

  13. Netclone

  14. C.C. 95 (USA)
  15. C.C. 95
  16. golomidov_alex (RUS)
  17. boobymcgee (BR)

  18. pacman (Sweden)
  19. veritas106 (SK)
  20. bigdaygt (USA)

  21. j4c0 (Czech)
  22. lost (Portugal)
  23. capricornio34232 (USA)

  24. capricornio34232

  25. capricornio34232

  26. mucsteel (GR)
  27. Hooltra (FR)
  28. jasonupham (UK)

  29. jasonupham

  30. Whitenie (GR)

  31. marmup (USA)
  32. Elclavo75 (USA)

  33. blumetal (IT)

  34. blumetal

  35. Askari23 (USA)

  36. Askari23

  37. whited001 (UK)

  38. Hardcore (Hungary)

  39. jason (USA)
  40. funkeule (GR)
  41. EyeSeeDarkness (USA)

  42. Michael Hallmanns (GR)
  43. damnernsaduak (Switz)

  44. nutcaseshy (UK)

  45. redlemon (UK)
  46. kl241 (USA)
  47. Lollard2002 (UK)
  48. ricster (UK)
  49. bonakaze (CA)

  50. Ali D (UK)
  51. camoc (SK)
  52. DJHilalo (UK)

  53. merowinger (GR)

  54. pttgc (TH)
  55. pttgc
  56. alucard26 (TH)
  57. alucard26
  58. Zeefy (UK)
  59. Vendetta (Sweden)
  60. Leshita (CA)

  61. Leshita

  62. Taz1609 (UK)

  63. babylon (USA)

  64. Ron Nutmeg (UK)

  65. Tejas Phadke (INDIA)
  66. Martin Igor (GR)
  67. smileyx9 (GR)
  68. screamjojo (FR)
  69. screamjojo
  70. steelnoob (GR)
  71. Lordhumungus (USA)
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Jan 6, 2015
Please delete. Reducing size of total order as shipping cannot be combined.
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