[CLOSED] GB Total Recall Mondo #011 Drum18 (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Best Buy Canada Exclusive)


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Coming October 20th, 2015:

Best Buy link:
Total Recall Mondo #011 (24.99$+tx = 29$)

The GB MASTER LIST is listed here. I keep it up-to-date the BEST that I can, but YOU are responsible for any mistake that I can do. If I have forgotten you or if the quantity listed is not as your request, YOU need to tell me! Thanks for your help! :)
LIST: (170)
Drum18 x1
a1helios x1
AcIDc0r3 x1

apsmith21 x1

arbingers x1

ariba266 x1
(with shipping)
ash1115 x1

Askari23 x3

Asopp x1

Azulsteel x1

babylon x1

Bengaloo x1

bigballas01 x1

bigdaygt x1

bigrob x1 -> cooey

blubutcher x1

blumaster x1

boobymcgee x1

BulleTooth13 x1

Bunk x1

Bustinskulls x1

C.C. 95 x3

C2V3N x1 Croatia

capricornio34232 x2

CFIcare x1

chansey x1 Spain

ChoppedUp x1
(with shipping)
Colombianlove41 x1

cooey x1

covcraig x1

crazyhorse69 x1

Dan Kyte x1

dan8885 x1
(with shipping)
Dano x1

DecM x1

(with shipping)
deucela x1

digitalbabe x1

DigitalSlurm x1
(with shipping)
draakki x1
(with shipping)
Driver x1

DullyEL x1
(with shipping)
DylanDog75 x1 Switzerland

eedernator x1

eLviS1987 x1

Engelskind x3 Austria

eps999 x2

Escuby Du x1

EvilMokey91 x1

Feathers McGraw x2

funkeule x1
(with shipping)
Futurhythm x1

GhostDawg x1
GoDo x1

golomidov_alex x1 Russia

guiltybyproxy x1

hammerdave x1

henry00x x1

hiphopnrap x1

Hiroyuki x1

howarmat x1

jackie879 x1

jammmy x1
(with shipping)
Jb162009 x1

jeffster15 x1

Joa-Chim x2

Joanie Mason x1
(with shipping)
Joe x1

jondoyle123 x1

K.i.T x1 Mauritius
(with shipping)
karma2578 x1

Kashby x1

kbr1656 x1

kl241 x1

kootezafra x1 Spain

Le Marquis x1 Reunion

leobzrra x1

Malky78 x3

Marina Blue x2 (special shipping)

marshall Banana x1

Matt87 x1
(with shipping)
matton x1

mbennett76 x1

(with shipping)
MikeWalsh x1
(with shipping)
Misterlovier x2

mkachanthong x1

mnementh x1

Mrhoyt x1

MTRodaba2468 x1

mucsteel x1
n4pster x3 Austria

Narg x1

Nathalion x1

Nazereth x2
(with shipping)
Nemerien x1

NewQid x1
(with shipping)
Nightbreed1984 x1 -> cooey

NikstSWE x1

Noodles x1

ObiWan x1

Ohkay x1

pacman x1

paulboland x1 Ireland

Petedogg50 x1

picolezero x1

Polak x1
(with shipping)
poncholo x1

popeye x1

psychoscot x1
(with shipping)
PsychoWolff x1
(with shipping)
R.obi.n x1

R4FFO x1
(with shipping)

Ranavalone x2

redlemon x1

RekLess x1

RepoMan90 x1
(with shipping)
Roughnecks x1
(with shipping)
ruxtpin x2

shil x1
(with shipping)
SilverlakePhil x1

Simoney Burns x1

Softwing x1

spass x1

sqwonky x1
(with shipping)
SteelbookGenius666 x1

Steelbookzombie x1

SteelCollz x1
(with shipping)
SteelMadien x1
(with shipping)
subbuteo x1
(with shipping)
taher x2 Canada

Thedude23 x1

themanfromunkle x1

TheStixter x3

tomasg x1 Czech
(with shipping)
ValBro x1

Vendetta x1

viper0210 x1

vismanden x1

whited001 x1

whysoserious? x1

wongsifu x1

wozbit x1

Wreck x1

xixhd x1

Zaandam3 x1 Netherlands

Zyrin x1
(with shipping)

@Andycadle84 x1
@Blu-Steel Samurai x2

: Invoice sent
: Payment received
: Package sent

- HDN rules apply to this GB (see post #02)
- When comitting by replying here, you HAVE to take the item. NO BACKING DOWN!
- Limit of 3 per member.
- Please subscribe to this thread so that you can be directly informed of updates.

- Payment is only required between October 4th - 15th, 2015.
- I send the invoice via PM and payment must be done via Paypal.

(October 1st, 2015): Price is 24.99$ +taxes = 29$.

- I ship in a box with protection. Price of packaging material depends on how many units you take. Pricing is 3$ for the first and then 0.50$ for any others.
- YOU pay the Paypal fees (4%). Unfortunately, I CANNOT accept Personnal Payment anymore (Paypal rules).
- There's also 2.50$ per copy for donation at Hi-Def Ninja.
- Also, I consider my work deserve some consideration for my work/time. For this specific release, a fixed cost of 2.50$ per copy.

SHIPPING COST: (Updated September 15th, 2015)
- Shipping depends on your location. Please be sure to check the shipping price BEFORE committing to this GB because the price listed here at the prices from CanadaPost. They are NOT cheap but that's unfortunately the only way we can ship.
Shipping for USA

1: 11$
Tracked Packet: (6 business days WITH TRACKING)
2-3: 17$
Expedited 4 days (with tracking)
4-5: 26$
6-7: 27$
8-9: 28$

Shipping for Europe:

Air: (6-10 business days)
1: 19$
2-3: 37$
4-5: 47$
6-7: 56$
Tracked Packet: (7 business days WITH TRACKING)
2-3: 60$
4-5: 67$
6-8: 74$


Air: (6-10 business days)
1: 21$
2-3: 41$
4-5: 53$
6-8: 62$
Tracked Packet: (11 business days WITH TRACKING)
2-3: 64$
4-5: 72$
6-8: 79$

IF you decide not to pay, you can be assured that you're going to be on my personnal blacklist and that Ninja's will find you wherever you are. ;)

Remember that since shipping is not cheap from Canada Post, it's always a good idea to put more steel in a box than only one. As my usual policy, once an item is paid, I can keep it aside for you the time that you want until you're ready for shipping.
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- Hi-Def Ninja rules apply to this GB.
We here at HDN, members and staff alike all appreciate the efforts of our group buy hosts and those faithful members that participate in group buys.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to group buys - we do expect that all members follow the trading rules as stickied in this forum, as well act in good faith on any purchase or sale.

For your reference, here are some of the "faces" that you will see working in our trading forums. PLEASE NOTE: while any staff member or moderator is glad to assist with any question or issue, please contact one of the trading focused members below first.

Naughtius Maximus - HDN's Trading Manager
mllNY - General Media, and Steelbook trading assistance
apsmith21 - HDN's Group Buy Manager - will assist in all trading areas


1) Members CANNOT host a group buy if they do not have at least 10 positive trading feedbacks on this site AND they need to have approval of a trading moderator. Exemptions may be given for users if they have less than 10 feedbacks, but more than 5.

2) Members must meet the post limit of this forum before they can create a group buy thread.

3) Any member can post a group buy for any steelbook or collectible they would like, but under special circumstances, it may require review by a HDN staff member or moderator. HiDefNinja.comreserves the right of refusal to any potential group buy host based on member, staff, moderator or other feedback.

4) Staff members or group buy hosts may ask that their participating members can only reserve ONE copy of any highly sought after item. Staff members may request that ANY group buy host set this requirement if the demand EXCEEDS the supply. In this case, users should be allowed one (SINGLE) copy each, until there are open spots. Then it could become first come, first served for any extras. Our Group Buy hosts try to make a copy available to as many collectors seeking a copy for their private collection.

5) Group buy hosts, at their discretion, may allow or disallow any member from participating in their group buy, or request references of previous trading activity. Members may approach staff members if they are unsure why they are not part of a group buy. If it is possible to regain a good trading standing, a staff member may request that the user be included in any future group buy.

6) Prices are up to the discretion of the group buy host, but expected to be reasonable for the work done by the Group Host. HDN does not set or receive any expectations on what it will cost to ship, package, or purchase an item for a group buy. These extra costs can be added into the total price of the item if deemed necessary.

7) Staff members and group buy hosts request that all members remain prompt in their payment and do not make unreasonable requests about the items. This forum is not Ebayand it is not like any other professional resale site. All group buy requests are made in good faith, and members and Group Buy hosts are expected to stay in communication with each other regarding to the status of each transaction. Staff may contact members/Group Buy hosts to request more info or help resolve trading issues as necessary.

8) There are often deadlines for group buy requests. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST an item if you CANNOT pay for it BY THE DEADLINE. Negative trade feedback can optionally be left by any group buy host if the requesting member has not paid by the deadline.

9) All users expect and hope that an item will arrive in good shape. If any item does not arrive or arrives damaged, we understand that this is disappointing and frustrating...please work with your Group buy host and / or a HDN trading moderator before posting to the group buy thread or other threads to allow for a friendly resolution in private, as a courtesy to the Group Buy host and the member. Many times multiple members are subscribed to a Group Buy thread and can receive an e-mail each time someone posts in the thread-all of those members should not be publicly involved in resolving one trade concern.

10) Group Buy Hosts can request new members pay for the cost of tracking if regular Paypal payments are made. Group buy hosts can request the user pay for Paypal fees, as long as the fees ARE INCLUDED in the total price.

11) HDN Staff and moderators are here to help with any questions or disputes. If you have a problem with a member or a group buy host, please PM the question or problem to one of the trading moderators. We internally manage instances where a trading issue occurs-it is not necessary to PM all trading Moderators, as each case is assigned to (1) Moderator for resolution, and this system helps us streamline communication with all parties.

12) Effective for all Steels shipped from GROUP BUY HOSTS June 1, 2012 and on, a $10 fee per group buy and $2 per Steelbook sold applies for all Group Buys. The contributions are used for the increasing site/maintenance costs, and adding new features to the site. Since purchasing some of these international Steelbooks would be significantly more expensive if purchased on other marketplaces, the Group Buy fees have been kept to a minimum to meet the needs of both Group Buyers and minimize costs for members. The $10 is payable upon opening a thread. $2 per steelbook is payable upon steelbook delivery to the group buy host.

13) It is required that all group buy hosts maintain a LIST of all participating members in some capacity that is viewable by staff members or trading moderators. This may include, but is not limited to: a shared google document, a list in the original post of the group buy thread, or a list presented in some other format accessible to HDN staff.

14) No group buyer or group buy host has exclusivity to this forum. HDN staff prefers to see a number of trusted members participate in this area. We know that sometimes things pop up or other responsibilities will take a member's attention away from hosting group buys. As such, it is preferable that there can be alternate or other members that can assist. Therefore, it is allowed to have multiple group buys for the same item, originating from the same retailer or location.

15) All hosts are required to conduct group buys peacefully and in cooperation with other members here regardless of whether other group buyers have completed group buys in the past, or continue to do them for items originating from any country. Based on feedback from members or staff members, it may be necessary to review the status of any group buy host. Please treat the ability to host a group buy as a privilege, as a lot of trust is given to members that create group buys in this forum.

16) Group buy hosts can optionally, at their discretion, offer to combine shipping and shipments on items in their possession. However, at some point, the GB host may require or ask for these items to be sent on. From the point that they quote a shipping cost for the buyers items, the buyer has THIRTY days, at most, to respond and pay for their shipping costs. Exceptions may be made in extreme cases, but this has occurred to many people here, that are holding items for a very long time for buyers. Failure to pay for shipping costs after being invoiced may result in forfeiture of any items being held by the group buy host.
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1 to the U.S. Thanks - please combine with nightcrawler
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