[Closed] [Give-Away] World of Warship (NA) server Bonus code and beta invite

Okeydokey this is my first try of doing a give-away :)

I have one Bonus code for items to World of Warships that i cant use and a closed Beta invite to the game (Game will son enter open beta. but hey free ship if it enters open before this ends :) ). The codes are for North America only and im in Eu so one lucky will get both codes :)

Dont know exactly whats on the bonus code but think its a premium ship/ gold or only a ship.

How to enter?
Just say something random about boats and you're in
i will use Random.org on June 26 to find out who is getting the keys :)

Mods feel free and move this if its placed in the wrong part of the forum
// gruff
Winner is @Apollon pm me and i will send you the codes :)