[CLOSED]Let The Bullet Fly (iMovie Exclusive #3) - HPM Metal Box

Oct 14, 2012
Here is a GB for Let The Bullet Fly (iMovie Exclusive #3) - HPM Metal Box. The item is new and sealed, the number will be sent randomly. I will start to ship next week.


The price will be : 68 USD include everything(shipping cost and ninjia fee).
If you are in Africa or S.America or Iceland, the price may higher because of the distance.
There is no quantity limit for member. However the total quantities is limited.

You are welcomed to combine shipping with my other GB.

Blufans Frozen
Blufans Kung Fu Panda

Please leave the quantities you need and pay to lingliww@sina.com.When you pay, pls cover 5% pp fee. Thanks.

1,anae31 Paid
2,Bengaloo Paid
3,WhiskeyInTheJar Paid
4,capricornio34232 Paid
5,Vendetta Paid
6.7.8,blu-steel Paid
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Oct 28, 2015
So HDN is now the official home of scalpers?!
$68 usd + 5% pp = $71.40!

Sheer bloody ripoff, how can this be countenanced?
ya thats funny. most of the steels offered in the trading forum can be found cheaper on ebay.