[CLOSED] Star Wars: The Force Awakens Steelbook Group Buy

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Hey HiDefNinja members!

I'm hosting a group buy for any of you people out there that are interested in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray Steelbook from Best Buy.

Release date: April 5, 2016
Pre-order cost is $29.99 (WOULD GUESS IT WILL DROP TO $24.99)
Sales tax of 5.5% per copy ($?? with taxes)


Original order link: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/star-wa...al-hd-copy/4942301.p?id=3537841&skuId=4942301

Due to the large amount of work for international group buys, including a few visits to the post office and packaging materials, the fee will be $4.00 per copy and $2 for each additional.

Paypal fees will be included in any invoice sent.

Walmart BB8 Exclusive slipcover
Target Exclusive Edition with 20 minutes extra footage and special packaging

Limit of 3x copies per request.

Only mint or near mint & new STEELBOOK copies will be passed on to members here.

Additionally - these steelbooks usually come wrapped with cardboard slipcovers. I'll do my best to inspect them, but I cannot see underneath the plastic. I will not open an item for you to inspect prior to shipping. I cannot return items that are opened to Target.

"OCD" disclaimer. MANY copies from Best Buy and the USA Scanavo factory may run into paint chips or things like that. If you are a collector that also expects a pristine and perfect steelbook, I do require that you alert me at the time of payment.

This includes any special requests!! With the volume that I PERSONALLY handle, I need to be aware of these special requests that you may have, PRIOR to shipping!

Thank you for keeping this in mind with any order you place with me.

Shipping options:
QUOTES are for up to 3 steelbooks ONLY.

I will pack in the following manner - case will be bubble wrapped, in a heavier cardboard box.

Please note - with non-trackable shipping - you the buyer understand that I cannot verify it's delivery - as I leave the choice up to you, this is not my responsibility. Insurance can be purchased through a 3rd party if desired.

I will retain proof of shipping for each package.

All delivery times are ESTIMATES only. New quotes provided as necessary.

First Class International (Box) - with delivery confirm to most countries.

-delivery to most locations - 10 - 14 business days, but may take longer
France - $22.50 (can ship up to 3 for same price)
UK - $22.50 (can ship up to 3 for the same price)
Canada -> (TBD)

Insurance against loss or damage is $1.30 more up to $100 worth of coverage and is included in every invoice.

(note that shipping for THREE copies cost $22.50 before insurance costs).

Requesting list (remember, you can ask to HOLD your items up to 30 days with other releases, and I will be happy to consolidate your orders!) - NO BACKING OUT, if you request an item, you will be held to that request!

Please note the rise in shipping costs due to USPS rate changes in January 2016!

Requesting list:

1) Brazil @cprodrigues x1
2) UK @Steelbookzombie x1
3) Brazil @velocirafa x1
4) Russia @Gurrich x2 (or x3)
7) USA @bloodsnake007 x1
8) UK @rebelrocks x1 (OCD)
9) UK @BookMan68 x1
10) USA @jcm x1
11) Australia @Feathers McGraw x1
12) Thailand @Jobby x1 (combine with HG, SW Target)
13) UK @Lollard2002 x1
14) UK @pyszny x1
15) UK @glennturner21 x1 - BTTF from NW
16) UK @Tacozilla x1
17) UK @Softwing x1
18) UK @Steelselecta x1 OCD
19) USA @adarkcorner x1
20) Ireland @paulboland x1 (include w Target)
21) UK @Stuc x2 OCD
23) UK @thedefector x1
24) UK @kingkarl1967 x2
26) Ireland @Strangerbyday x1
27) UK @BDDB x1
28) UK @Si Michael x1
29) UK @euaaan_ x1
30) UK @moviemania1973 x2 OCD
32) UK @mothy x1
33) UK @Jb162009 x1 (combine with H8 and HG)
34) Germany @godapol x1
35) Italy @bioba x1
36) UK @D4vem88 x1 OCD
37) Germany @eLviS1987 x1 (combine with HG and H8)
38) UK @Terribly Mauled x1
39) UK @davetherave x1
40) Scotland @Grudge x1 (combine with Target)
41) UK @lordsauron1986 x1 (combine with H8)
42) UK @Lucifer Adams x2
44) UK @timban x1
45) UK @karma2578 x1 (combine with GOT martell)
46) UK @Sugnid x1
47) UK @scnjedi x1
48) UK @justboy x1
49) UK @mbennett76 x1
50) USA @AcIDc0r3 x1
51) UK @Uraki x1 (combine with HG)
52) Germany @TheHutt x1
53) UK @Basil x1 (OCD)
54) France @Manu-El x1
55) UK @bealay x1
56) UK @ghost1 x1
57) Austria @Engelskind x3
60) Thailand @Sixth x1
61) UK @burtbird x1
62) UK @viper0210 x1 (combine with H8 Target)
63) UK @DudleyMan x1 OCD
64) UK @transa100 x1
65) UK @Sw1984 x1
66) UK @boldnerd x1 (combine with SW Target)
67) UK @Flloydo (OCD combine with NW wins)
68) UK @Tacozilla (OCD)
69) UK @StifflersDad (OCD, combine with H8 lenit & HG)
70) UK @weller96c x1 (combine with H8)
71) Germany @Darogal x1 (combine with H8, HG)
72) UK @Bobthesub x1
73) Germany @jukka x2 (combine with HG)
75) UK @The Boydster x2
77) UK @jitstark x1
78) UK @gam x1
79) Brazil @Polak x1 (combine with Target)
80) UK @Zeefy (combine with HG)
81) UK @Lester x1
82) Taiwan @chlove0916 x1 (combine with other SW items)
83) UK @lordsauron1986 x1 (2nd copy)
84) UK @karma2578 x1 (combine with GOT Martell)
85) UK @mr blue x1 (HOLD)
86) UK @GoDo (combine with H8)
87) France @Grego32 x1 combine with HG
88) UK @subbuteo (OCD) combine with GOT and SW Target
89) UK @.Lethal x1 (combine with SW Target), OCD
90) UK @DADDYCOOL187 x1 (combine with SW Target)
91) Korea @xixhd x1 (combine with HG and H8)
92) Taiwan @chlove0916 x1 (2nd copy) combine with SW Target and BB8
93) UK @jamiestarr x1 (OCD)
94) UK @Rchadwick51 x1 (combine with H8)
95) Australia @rodtp x1 (OCD)
96) France @Rafom x1
97) Finland @Ranvalone x1 (combine with JL & H8)
98) Australia @Unicorn x1
99) UK @Jhadur x1 (combine with SW target, combine with BB8 slip)
100) UK @Danzigg1979 x1
101) UK @dominic x1 (combine with NW win, bag)
102) USA @MGD x1
103) UK @LGrima x1
104) UK @Matrix (OCD) x1

105) France @Hooltra x1 (combine with JL steelbook)
106) Russia @golomidov_alex x1
107) UK @Lester x1 (2nd copy)

108) Canada @SavageAmusement x1 (combine with other items)
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Nov 8, 2011
Updated: 3 to Russia please.
If it's possible please combine with target edition GB and Walmart slipcover.
OCD if possible
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Jul 30, 2013
1 to the UK please Andy. As OCD as you can pratically see if possible (obviously you can't see under the j card)

Many thanks for the GB:thumbs:
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