[CLOSED] THE JUNGLE BOOK (Blufans Exclusive) Group Buy [WORLDWIDE]


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Jan 5, 2012
Here is the official HDN Group Buy for the Blufans exclusive Blu-ray Steelbook release of The Jungle Book

Release thread


One Click $118 (includes 1 x lenticular and 1 x full slip, which **should** be all matching numbers)
Lenticular $62
Full slip $62

You can order a maximum of 1 x each version

HDN quantities available are 95 of each

Price includes everything! These will be shipped direct from Blufans so price includes all HDN fees and shipping fees. Will be shipped by China Post, if you want EMS it is an additional $10 PER COPY (1-click counts as 2 copies). You must specify this when you post in this thread what edition/s you are going to go for.

Once signed up there is no backing out, or you will be blacklisted from future GBs. Unpaid sign-ups will be cancelled and you will also be blacklisted from future GBs. No combining on this release as it is being shipped to you direct from Blufans

GB will close on 1900UK time, 20th January, 2017. Deadline for payment will be on 1900UK time, 20th January, 2017. The invoice will be sent out from January 2nd

GB List

One Click
1. bigry (UK)
2. lgans316 (UK)
3. howiesteed (UK)
4. Radagast (Germany)
5. BaleHardy (US)
6. damnersaduak (Switzerland)
7. M.i.k.e (Cz)
8. Sajid Ali (UK)
9. jawcrc (US)
10. Escuby Du (US)
11. Jack D. (Germany)
12. Rambo87 (Italy)
13. bluray hunter (UK)
14. takebo (Japan)
15. montana2974 (Switzerland)

1. AlexMacOl (Brazil)
2. R4FFO (UK)
3. turtle31 (Portugal)
4. stuc (UK)
5. tommyh84 (UK)
6. Flloydo (UK)
7. McSuits (France)
8. marshall banana (France)
9. Kingkarl1967 (UK)
10. Unicorn (Australia)
11. frankfish44 (US)
12. Dragon Lee (US)
13. Lewis Watts (UK)
14. FN-2187 (US)
15. BlackBird81 (Greece)
16. blue_j (US)
17. beatjunkie (Germany)
18. Nikofrance (France)
19. mbennett76 (UK)
20. Aldo1892 (UK)
21. spookz (UK)
22. write2koh (Singapore)
23. indiehjaerta (Sweden)
24. Vendetta (Sweden)
25. Rambo87 (Italy)
26. dede02 (Germany)
27. AsKel (France)
28. sis3 (Germany)
29. cesarr1 (US)
30. wouter (Belgium)
31. OMRA1080 (Israel)
32. montana2974 (Switzerland)
33. Gabrielyo (Spain)

1. polton (France)
2. crib79 (UK)
3. Mika (Croatia)
4. ta0151 (UK)

Members cancelled....
1. Drunken Master (UK)
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