[CLOSED] ZOOTOPIA (KimchiDVD Exclusive) Group Buy


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Jan 5, 2012
Here is the GB for KimchiDVD's release of Zootopia

Release thread
Release date: 27th September, 2016


Fullslip Limited Edition
Lenticular Limited Edition
One Click (one copy of each with same number)

GB strict limit - 20 of each copy and 25 One Clicks! Limit per member is 1 x each copy AND 1 x One Click


1 copy - $58
2 copies - $116
One Click - $112

Price includes shipping and fees from supplier to hubs.
Shipping to buyer will be separate and invoiced once product is in hand after quality checks. There will be a EU hub ran by me and a US/ROW hub ran by @Wreck

Shipping will be at cost and will be invoiced separately by myself and Wreck once at the hubs and packed

Once signed up there is no backing out, or you will be blacklisted from future GBs. You can of course combine with future GBs should you so wish to. Unpaid sign-ups will be cancelled and you will also be blacklisted from future GBs.

GB will close on Friday 16th SEPTEMBER at 1500 UK time. Deadline for payment will be SEPTEMBER 19th at 1200 UK time. I will send the invoice for the product once I have seen your commitment to sign up and the list will be updated accordingly

Group Buy List

One Click
1. Hooltra (France)
2. Ashish (UK)
3. Red Sign (Japan)
4. metalpaul1000 (UK)
5. sunnyx (UK)
6. jedi clare (UK)
7. harry (Cyprus)
8. patr0n (Austria)
9. joe (UK)
10. reisspsy (UK)
11. Mickle_89 (UK)
12. lost (Portugal)
13. larson1977 (NL)
14. Bigbishop (AUS)
15. bigry (UK)
16. AnubisNefer (NL)
17. teNsFredZ (UK)
18. golomidov_alex (Russia)
19. Mary72 (Italy)
20. stb32 (Canada)
21. stuc (UK)
22. yeslek (UK)
23. gasdog (US)
24. crib79 (UK)
25. howarmat (US)


1. ssl71 (Indonesia)
2. lenticularis (UK)
3. rebelrocks (UK)
4. stevexgreenaway (UK)
5. babylon (US)
6. jayscott1969 (UK)
7. Aberdonian83 (UK)
8. bigdaygt (US)
9. JCC (US)
10. Engelskind (Austria)
11. pioneer (UK)
12. SlimJim24 (US)
13. BaleHardy (US)
14. aj101097 (US)
15. paceman (Sweden)
16. C.C.95 (US)
17. cesarr1 (US)
18. alphatyrant (UK)
19. munkiedeluxe (UK)
20. GoDo (UK)


1. nafosb (USA)
2. SK 80 (UK)
3. Bengaloo (Sweden)
4. AlexMacOl (Brazil)
5. Nadine (UK)
6. CleverLoginName (Germany)
7. 1990ge (Greece)
8. TheCollector86 (Germany)
9. Walt Dizzy (Germany)
10. Aberdonian83 (UK)
11. jac (UK)
12. bigdaygt (US)
13. JCC (US)
14. Engelskind (Austria)
15. pioneer (UK)
16. SlimJim24 (US)
18. Jericho (US)
19. BaleHardy (US)
20. aj101097 (US)

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