Cobra (Blu-ray SteelBook) [France]


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Apr 14, 2012
Release date: May 29, 2024
Purchase link: Amazon FR
Price: €15.05


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And another classic, awesome!

Wonder If this will be better than the old zavvi one from 2017 with such smooth matte beautiful finish
WB is often streaky matte, isnt it?
In my anecdotal experience, very few European matte steelbooks that I own are streaky. Most all are higher quality matte, whereas US matte is often streaky. Regardless, I'm pretty sure many of the recent French WB steelbooks have had a gloss finish. I have the Mystic River steelbook and think it has gloss (I haven't looked at it for a while). The Westworld steelbook released last last year is definitely gloss. The Color Purple 4K steelbook also has a gloss finish. So, I wouldn't just assume Tango & Cash and Cobra will be matte.
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plaion mediabook will have remastered discs ;)

That's what i'm aiming to. Ordered Plainon release since it'll be remastered and better encode. Didn't get Shout one since it's region locked.
Steelbook ordered though i already have old one. If not will just sell it.
We probably won't know until reviews but i highly doubt Warner will do new transfer for both movies. It'll probably same VC-1 crap on both movies