Command & Conquer collection *HUGE! A lot of pictures!*

Mar 10, 2018
Hello again :).

This is my Command & Conquer(CNC) collection, some people say this maybe one of the biggest in the world and I have some unique stuff. I have cloth and stuff from the series, signed stuff and a lot more. Check the pictures and see and please comment what you like :). I have collect CNC in some years now, and I love the series. This series started I started with computer games and so on! Is bad EA have ended the serie :(. Maybe in the future we get a new CNC Game.

Hope you enjoy this post! More will come in the future :)


Command & Conquer:

CNC 4 Pre-Order poster

Tiberian Sun Beta Poster

CNC 4 Artowrk signed

RA 2 poster

RA 3 pre-order poster

Advertising RA 1 to PS1


Magazine with CNC info:

Magazine with CNC info

Magazine with CNC info

Sealed magazine with cnc info


Prima Offical Guides and other Guides:

Sealed Prima Offical Guide

CNC Secrets & Solutions Unauthorized:

Signed stuff:

I got the change to speak to Steve Honeyweel (He wrotes video games guides for games, and some for the Command & Conquer series.) I got these signed, and the Yuri one I got signed to Stian (My name).

Signed CNC 3, CNC 3 Kane's Wrath and CNC 4 Kane.

CNC 4 Kane signed (I have two)

Red Alert 3 Allied Team Signed

Red Alert 3 Soviet Team Signed

Red Alert 3 Japan Team Signed

James Earl Jones signed on magazine cover

Red Alert 2 CE sealed, Red Alert 2 CE Sealed + signed. CNC MAC edition sealed, Red Strike sealed + signed. Tiberian Sun Platinum Edition sealed, Yuri's Revenge signed!



Big box 1(More info later)

Big box 2(More info later)

Big box 3(More info later)

Big box 4(More info later)

German big box + normal disc. (Kane's Wratch is sealed)

Germans MEGA box!

Red Alert 1 German Limited Editon big box

Big box Great pack sealed



World Trade Center RA 2 box sealed, Tiberian Sun Firepower big box, Dune stuff infront.

World Trade Center RA 2 box sealed, Tiberian Sun sealed, CNC 3 Kane's Wrath sealed, CNC Collection x2 sealed.

Worlwide Warfare sealed, Assault Pack sealed, Red Alert 1 sealed, Renegade sealed, CNC Kane Edition sealed.

German RA MEGA box sealed, Greece Generals + ZH sealed!

CNC to sega saturn sealed + Tiberian Sun Firestorm sealed.

Command & Conquer Soundtrack collection sealed, The first Decade sealed.

CNC 4 + Kane's Wrath sealed

Red Alert 2 CE sealed, Red Alert 2 CE Sealed + signed. CNC MAC edition sealed, Red Strike sealed + signed. Tiberian Sun Platinum Edition sealed, Yuri's Revenge signed!

Red Alert 2 CE sealed, RA 1 Counterstrike sealed, RA 1 German edition bad shape but sealed. Red Alert 2 Marketing Disc!




Playstation 1:

CNC to sega saturn sealed PAL AND NTSC.

Red Alert 1 NTSC sealed, N64 NTSC sealed, Platnium CNC sealed, Retaliation PS1 sealed.

Nintendo 64 and normal PC games:


Other stuff: (Like Cloths, Demo and so on)

Postcard and other stuff

RA 1 sticker and cnc 3 banner.

RA ps1 demo, REd Alert 3 premier edition and TS gameguide!

Red Alert 2 T-Shirt

Red Alert 3 T-Shirt(RUS) + Caps

CNC 4 stuff

Funny picture Tesla Trooper kill Chrono

Funny picture 2 GDI VS 1 NOD Solider, who wins :D?

Command & Conquer pins (German) + CNC 3 pins

Red Alert 3 drink set, CNC 3 polish GDI Edition, CNC 3 Kane's Wratch Razer mouse edition. Trackball + CNC 4 watch (Fake)

Gamepro Toys sealed, Nod pewter figure sealed, Tiberian Sun pin brand new, Tiberian Sun Energy drink new, differents mouse pads and RA 1 Soviet mouse.

Gamepro Toys sealed, open flame tank serie with soldiers. Nod pewter figure to the right.

Demo dics

CNC soundtracks, Red Alert + Renegade sealed.

Renegade Promo cup UK


Uoffical stuff:

Uoffical big box (One of the Perfect Alert is sealed)

Fake games/packed

1000 levels German box

More Uoffical big box

Uoffical dics


Asia Stuff:
China Xbox 360

China and Korea cnc games

Korea Tiberan Sun Firestorm Big box


My best stuff:

Tanya, Red Alert, Sgt. Major from Renegade - Created by Daniel Miller.

With Tiberian Sun watch new, Havoc Gamepro open, Sealed Nod Pewter figure at the back to the right, and a lot of pewters figures. With some pins.

Sealed PINS from Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Sun, CNC pocket Knife, ingame stuff used at cutscenes.

Closer look at pocket knife

Red Alert 2: Marketing Assets

Tiberian Sun Press kit:

Red Alert 1 picture gave to developers. Signed when the develeopers hits 100K sold games!

Check out this link how is looks active, a nice feature :)

The best of the best:
Outfits from the games from Westwood Studio.

I even have to post some Dune stuff here!

I have more in the way, and I will update this thread when I get more new stuff.

If you know about some item or got something to sell tell me :)
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Mar 10, 2018
Thanks a lot :)

Wow, you weren't kidding @Anderwin - Stian. That's a seriously impressive C&C collection! :wow::notworthy:
I never kidding with stuff, and not with collection ;) Check even more!

Amazing stuff!!!

Loved the CnC games as a teenager!

I need those Dune games for my Dune collection as well lol
Thanks man! C&C I start played on PSX. Born in 1990 so was young boy to pick it up and start to learn when we got PSX at out house. The dune boxes are nice, I just collect them because is the start of the C&C and I have some Dune cloth and ingame stuff :)

Thanks man :).


Some new stuff:

I need this box from FR because of the promotion of the pocket knife ;)

Command & Conquer 3 Collectors Edition from China

At least I have got this steelbook :D (I just need Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Kane Edition (SGP) (PC))

Command & Conquer Generals from Taiwan

Red Alert 2 guide

Generals Guide:

Command & Conquer 3 guide

PS: I do not understand Asia language but is cool to have to my collection :)
Mar 10, 2018
My newest stuff:
The picture of me: Spilljakt in Norway is a community side, in April I was chosen as the collector of the month. A picture from the interview:)

The rest:

Command & Conquer Big Box SEALED
Renegade Small Box SEALED
Red Alert: The Aftermath Jewel case SEALED

Renegade Soundtrack SEALED
Red Alert 2 Soundtrack (YES I HAVE ONE) SEALED


The disc with handwrite is a demo disc of Tomb Raider Anniversary,


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Mar 10, 2018
@Anderwin - Stian

WOW!!!!!!!!!! That is amazing collection :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool: I love the C&C games especially RA series :thumbs: so seeing this is just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! :woot::woot::woot::woot::woot:

Keep up the good work :thumbs: and remember to share some pics :thumbs::thumbs:

If you are on instagram i would love to follow :thumbs: i am @beardedgeekninja :thumbs:
Thanks man for the word :D. I'm sorry but no at instagram, maybe I should made a C&C collectors instagram user xD.

Here u have some more pics hope u are happy ;).

Love to hear u like the RA series, is the best universe for me to :)

But more stuff:
Big box:
Command & Conquer Generals from Germany sealed.
Collect box with Command & Conquer + Red Alert 1 with EXP packs from France.
and a bad shape EA compilations with Red Alert 1

And sealed PS 1 red alert retaliation from Germany, happy to find this one ;D

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Mar 10, 2018
Some new stuff I haven't post here for a while :)

Sealed GDI pewter figure
Tiberium Wars 3 signed by Kane :D
Sealed German platinum C&C Playstation 1
Sealed RA 1 german edition to Playstation 1
Command Conquer Taiwan box *super rare*
Tiberium Wars 3 Taiwan box, sealed only made 1500 piece!


Mar 10, 2018
Got some more big box ofc is command & conquer stuff :D

Red Alert 1 big box sealed.
Command & Conquer Commemorative edition sealed (A small hole in the back)
Tiberian sun from brasil sealed.
Red Alert Counterstike Asia only sealed.

Red Alert 1 t-shirt rare !
Tiberian sun ads from a magazine :) Cool to have :)


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Mar 10, 2018
I got these(bought) from Daniel Miller. He worked for Westwood Studio and was a concept artist!
These statues are one of the kind. He did finish these and make them coloured.
The others I have are not coloured and just grey, they did ship out some of them to E3,
CO and some others.

So for me these mean a lot to my Command & Conquer collection!

These statues are from Command & Conquer series and the Pirates of Skull cove!

Tanya - Command & Conquer
Havoc - Command & Conquer

Katarina - Pirates of Skull cove
Cpt Hawke -Pirates of Skull cove