Compton - 'Straight Outta Compton Soundtrack' 2015


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Dr. Dre's new Album, the Soundtrack for 'Straight Outta Compton' :headphone: :thumbs:

Release Date: 8/21/15
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Apr 29, 2012
We've all been waiting for Dre's follow up to Chonic 2001 and finally here it is. Kind of. It's not the album he's been talking about for 15 years, at one poin t called Detox, but it is a Dr.Dre solo album. As solo as a Dre album can be of course. He's not a great rapper and often uses ghost writers but who cares. He's a genius behind the producer table.

He's said that this is his last album and that he scrapped what he had made for Detox altough many of the beats that was intended for that album can be found on albums by 50 Cent, The Game, Obie Trice and others.

I've listened to Compton 5 or 6 times now and I really enjoy it. Not a classic like his previous two albums but how could it be with all that hype for so many years. I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars. Or mics if you want to you The Scource's scoring system. ;)
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Feb 23, 2014
Album is a 3/5 for me. Lyrically its really nice (features, not Dre!) but the beats sounds so overproduced. They sound expensive but not dope.
It's a difference between an clear dope mastering and overproducing the **** out of any riff.
First spin I thought its a 10/10. But after a few spins it goes down. For my feeling its overrated and it got not much replay value.

And I didn't even wished for the "Dre Sound". I expected some new ish and it was logically that its going the money route with releasing it with the NWA movie and via Apple.
You can't expect a "Dre Sound" when all of Dre's Co-producers are gone :naughty: 2001 is Scott Storch, Battlecat, Daz,
Dj Khalil, DJ Quick, Soopafly, Dion, Hi-Tek ..... I'm a big Westcoast head and I adored Dre but its over. We all knew he only
executive produce, and I'm thankful for chronic and 2001 but it's over. Let it go ...

@C.C. 95 Damn!!! CB-4 :LOL: I freaking loved that movie growing up. MC Gusto :hilarious::hilarious::hilarious::hilarious: I still got the original VHS of this :thumbs::thumbs:
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