[CONCLUDED] Naughtius Maximus's clearout Part 7!!

Naughtius Maximus

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Hi all,


In conjunction to the other Giveaways, this is the 7th part - Part 8 can be found HERE, Part 9 can be found HERE < click.



(From top left-right)

World War Z (UK)
Bad Boys (UK)
Paranormal Activity 3 (DE)
E.T. (UK)
Pans Labyrinth (IT)
Skyfall (UK)
The Dark Knight Rises (TW)
Avengers Assembles (UK)
Pulp Fiction (UK)
Seven Psychopaths - HDN Exclusive with card # (tbc) (UK)
The Purge I & II (UK)
X-men DOFP (UK)
Captain America TWS (UK)
Amelia Lenti (KR)
Cabin in the Woods (UK)
Total Recall (1990) (UK)
Roocase netbook 10" +11.5" case (brand new, unused)


All you have to do to win is:
1) State which items you'd like to win!

2) Share this giveaway link via Facebook or Twitter or a Social Media site or "tag" @ a member here - don't highlight the same member twice. (i will check/ask for proof!)

1) 1 x entry per ninja
2) The winner is responsible for shipping costs.
3) Winner(s) will have 7 days to contact/respond to me to claim their prize(s), otherwise it will go to the next random person
4) Winner(s) will be chosen at random using random.org website
5) No limit to how many copies you request, though you're expected to only take part if these are for your personal collection (not for resale)

Entries will close Sunday (30th Aug) @ 18:00 (UK time!). The winner(s) will be picked at random...and announced at some point after that :p

Good luck all!!!

David :thumbs:
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Apr 26, 2013
Thanks for yet another brill giveaway man!!

Shared the link on my twitter,
and will put the name of the gent who sold me my first steelbook, @Lukesablade

I would love to have one of these;
Bad Boys (UK)
Pans Labyrinth (IT)
The Dark Knight Rises(TW)
Avengers Assembles (UK)
Pulp Fiction(UK)
Cabin in the Woods (UK)

Cheers Dave :thumbs:

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Jun 19, 2013
OMG...another give away? @Naughtius Maximus you are the best.

Shared via facebook.

I want to win any of the followng....

Bad Boys (UK)
Paranormal Activity 3 (DE)
Pans Labyrinth (IT)
Skyfall (UK)
The Dark Knight Rises (TW)
Pulp Fiction (UK) WANT
Seven Psychopaths - HDN Exclusive with card # (tbc) (UK)
The Purge I & II (UK)
X-men DOFP (UK)
Captain America TWS (UK) NEED
Amelia Lenti (KR) WANT

Cabin in the Woods (UK)
Total Recall (1990) (UK)
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@Naughtius Maximus OH MY DEAR :OMG: Another EPIC Give-Away!? :woot: Thanks for the opportunity David! :notworthy:

1. I'd love to win the following:
Seven Psychopaths HDN Exclusive - Pulp Fiction - and definitely Pan's Labyrinth! :drool:

2. But I dont have a FB or Twitter account :sorry: The only social media/forum account I'm a member of is HDN, so if it's permitted, can I just tag a member here? @tridon :)


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1) The Purge I & II (UK) Seven Psychopaths - HDN Exclusive with card # (tbc) (UK) & Pans Labyrinth (IT)

2) I am on the same boat with few other ninjas here :emb: i am not on any social media site/app/thingie (except HDN :thumbs:) and i don´t plan on joining any of them :stop: :D So its dealers choice if you would like to count me in or not :shy: :) :thumbs:
My tag: @CaptainCoffee

Thanks for the giveaway :thumbs:
1) Skyfall(UK)
X-menDOFP (UK)
Amelia Lenti (KR)
Cabin in the Woods (UK)

2) Posted on Twitter.
I think that I do not fully understand what means 'don't highlight the same member twice'. I know only a few peoples here and I tagged them earlier..
So here's my tag: @Naughtius Maximus :) Thank you so much for this give aways and for helping me when I asked..