[CONCLUDED][RANDOM DRAW] Win a chance to buy an Iron Man steelbook!

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Aug 6, 2010
Hey membership!

Did you miss out on the play.com Iron Man or Iron Man 2 steelbooks?

If you did NOT get a steelbook already, and would like one, just post a reply to this thread.

We may have up to 5 spots currently available for each! (There might be more later, unsure at this point). Our current count, if everything arrives fine from play, should support this.

This offer is to purchase these at cost from the group buy that I'm currently hosting.

Please note that this is on the honor system - I would like it if only collectors that didn't get a copy of either request theirs now. NOTE: YOU CANNOT BE PART OF AN EXISTING GROUP BUY ALREADY.

Members will be chosen at random if the number exceeds the available quantity and there is only 1 quantity of each allowed per member.

GOOD LUCK! :cool:


Iron Man
1) jjl (Canada)
2) spartan83 (Germany)
3) growly (UK)
4) mando (USA)
5) benf (USA)

Iron Man 2
1) sh3il (Egypt)
2) HD 335 (USA)
3) Soundwave GI (USA)
4) mando (USA)
5) popculturefanatic (USA)
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Jul 17, 2012
Atlanta, USA
Hi Apsmith21, i would like a chance to buy Ironman 1 Steelbook .. I have Ironman 2 so please dont include me in that lot.

Thanks again !


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Dec 16, 2011
United Kingdom
I had ordered the iron man stuff from play. Unfortunately my shipment of iron man 2 seems to have been lost in post...i am genuinely gutted about this crap. Can i enroll myself for the iron man 2 draw to buy it at cost?
Jul 14, 2012
Toronto, Canada
I would also love a chance to buy Iron Man from your group buy since I live in Canada and play.com does not ship here :( Also, being a student it is very hard for me to afford the crazy ebay prices that these steelbooks are going for but I would LOVE to add the Iron man to my personal collection!

Thanks for the opportunity!!
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Aug 24, 2011
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Obviously we are not going to stop the under 30 posters, but how about if they have to add their profile. DOB and such. A lot of the under 10 time posters don't fill any info other than what is required.


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Jun 7, 2012
Westside, ATL, GA
I know its many diehard Iron Man Steelbook Ninjas who truly adore these editions. So out of respect I will not enter this so that the ones with these as high wants have a better chance of landing one! Good luck to everybody and thanks for the post apsmith21! :oohyeah:
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May 1, 2012
I would love to land my hands on both of the edition, seeing that play.com doesn't send to my country in the first place and I did not qualify for any of the group buys without 30 posts.. Thanks for the chance!
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