[CONCLUDED][RANDOM DRAW] Win a chance to buy an Iron Man steelbook!

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Aug 6, 2010
Hey membership!

Did you miss out on the play.com Iron Man or Iron Man 2 steelbooks?

If you did NOT get a steelbook already, and would like one, just post a reply to this thread.

We may have up to 5 spots currently available for each! (There might be more later, unsure at this point). Our current count, if everything arrives fine from play, should support this.

This offer is to purchase these at cost from the group buy that I'm currently hosting.

Please note that this is on the honor system - I would like it if only collectors that didn't get a copy of either request theirs now. NOTE: YOU CANNOT BE PART OF AN EXISTING GROUP BUY ALREADY.

Members will be chosen at random if the number exceeds the available quantity and there is only 1 quantity of each allowed per member.

GOOD LUCK! :cool:


Iron Man
1) jjl (Canada)
2) spartan83 (Germany)
3) growly (UK)
4) mando (USA)
5) benf (USA)

Iron Man 2
1) sh3il (Egypt)
2) HD 335 (USA)
3) Soundwave GI (USA)
4) mando (USA)
5) popculturefanatic (USA)
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May 30, 2012
I must be the only IM FS owner that still prefers the Play.com version EEK! Maybe because I got it first :dunno:

I'm with you RiX. The FS release is nice but the artwork appears to be the same as my DVD steelbook. The play version is limited and has different artwork, that makes it special enough.
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