Manta Lab Constantine (WEA Steelbook) (Manta Lab Exclusive 003) Group Buy


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Jan 6, 2015
Dear Ninjas,

I am happy to host the GB for "Constantine" from Manta Lab.

We have discussed this in the release thread but be rest assured there will be no compromise on quality of the product/packaging;


Release Discussion & Info : Click Here

Estimated Release Date: December 9th, 2016

GB Purchase Limits (Please note after 4~5 units/copies combined in any form Express Mail postage rates will apply so take that into consideration before you commit to purchase).

One Click (All Matching Numbers 1-500) – Contains 3 Steelbook’s [Lenticular Slip A, Lenticular Slip B & Full Slip] - Limit 1 Per Member

Lenticular Slip – Limit 2 Per Member

Lenticular Slip B - Limit 2 Per Member

Full Slip( Glow In The Dark Effect) - Limit 2 Per Member



Deadline to change your decision and back out of the GB – November 16th 2016

Payment Due Date (No Exceptions) – Please pay by November 18th 2016. Any unpaid orders will be cancelled.

Pricing - Retail Price + HDN GB Fees + Shipping Fees + PP Fees

Shipping Prices Variable By Destination and Shipped Directly From Manta (Same cost as ordering from Manta Lab Web Store)

One Click Price - $124 + Actual Shipping Fees (Varies by Destination)

Lenticular Slip Price - $42 + Actual Shipping Fees (Varies by Destination)

Full Slip Price - $42 + Actual Shipping Fees (Varies by Destination)

Leather Slip Price - $42 + Actual Shipping Fees (Varies by Destination)



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Oct 13, 2013
UK portsmouth
1x lenticular fullslip 'A' please to the uk please :D
@Aniv invoice me straight away not going to change my mind at all then we are square and paid up then :thumbs:

my very first manta :cigar:
basil :thumbs:
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