Cowboy Bebop Blu-ray BOX [Limited]


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Oct 11, 2011
Cowboy Bebop 15th Anniverary Blu-ray box being released in Japan :)


Release: Cowboy Bebop Blu-ray BOX [Limited]
Price: 42,000 JPY
Original title: 【限定】 COWBOY BEBOP / カウボーイビバップ Blu-ray BOX(Amazon限定絵柄 川元利浩描き下ろしBOX・布ポスター・Amazon限定絵柄ポストカード10枚・特典DVD付) [完全数量限定生産]
Translated title: COWBOY BEBOP / Cowboy Bebop Blu-ray BOX [Limited] (limited picture drawn by Toshihiro Kawamoto Amazon DVD with picture postcards limited benefits Mai 10 posters · Amazon cloth BOX ·) [Limited Release Complete]

Specs: 4:3 1080i (hmm... not sure if they screwed this one up or not)/DTS-HD MA 5.1, LPCM (surround). Special features DVD includes some English audio (this is indicated specifically for the special features only)

Amazon Exclusive includes: exclusive illustration (Toshihiro Kawamoto) box, cloth poster, illustration cards(10), "future blues" DVD (same as 2001 one)

- 32p booklet
- OP/ED finalized storyboard
- Cover art illustrations postcards
- Film strip
- Newly written novel (by Keiko Nobumoto - series composition. It's about how Spike and Jet met)
- DVD: Extra Session (same as the one released back in 2005)

- Non-super ED (..yeah, not sure)
- PV, CM collection
- Full-sized music video - from session #0
- Club remix ver. music video (UK ver)
- Shinichiro Watanabe direction clip (scheduled)
- Ein's summer vacation (picture drama - scheduled)

- Audio commentary (same as 5.1 DVD-BOX) ep1, 17, 24
- as well as newly recorded audio commentary

- Art box illustration by Toshihiro Kawamoto (but it seems like this is different from amazon exclusive)

- Non-super ED
- PV, CM collection

Bandai Visual Club Exclusive Complete Package:
- TV BD-BOX + Movie BD + movie cel (1) = 44,940yen

Translated specifications: Limited Edition]
[Bonus illustration only BOX Amazon Toshihiro Kawamoto to draw down a new one)
"Limited Edition Blu-ray BOX" ※ BOX comes with an illustration only to Amazon (BCXA-0604) specification was
limited picture special Fabric Poster 2) Amazon.cojp
illustration picture post card limit 3) Amazon ten pieces
DVD "FUTURE BLUES" award 4) vendor-Release Product / Release (2001: Flying Dog) [Edition] inclusion benefits a ) 32P booklet draft decision 2) OP & ED Conte Vol. 3) Jacket illustration postcard frame raw film 4) ) Keiko book: Thin Author (novel written down five) DVD DVD "Cowboy Bebop Extra Session" award six) than product release (2005 recording only) Edition] [Bonus video 1) Non-Super ED Collection 2) PV · CM version music clip 3) full size (Director: HARU) ~ From Session # 0 4 music clips-UK version) Club Remix - (Director: HEX & DJ Food) ~ From Session # 0 direction clip Shinichiro Watanabe 5)) plan ( Picture Drama "vacation of Ain ​​6)" plan () <benefit> Voice ) re-recorded audio commentary reprinted a) from (5.1ChDVD-BOX # one Commentary (Dai Sato × × Yamadera Koichi Noboru luck Ishizuka) commentary (Dai Sato Yoko Kanno × × Shinichiro Watanabe) # 17 commentary (Dai Sato Aoi Tada × × Megumi Hayashibara) # 24 new audio commentary 2) [other] specification character BOX & digital illustrations to draw down a new jacket Toshihiro Kawamoto: Design ◎ ◎ content [26] recorded story "Stray Dog Strut" Session # 1 "Asteroid Blues" / Session # two three # Session "Honkyi Tonk Women" / Session # 4 "Gateway Shuffle," "Sympathy for the Devil" / Session # 6 "Ballad of Fallen Angels" # Session five Session # 7 "Heavy Metal Queen" / Session # 8 "Waltz For Venus" Session # "Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing Ganymede" 9 "Jamming With Edward" / Session # ten / twelve Session # "Jupiter Jazz (Part 1)" "dark night of heavy rock" Session # eleven thirteen Session # "Jupiter Jazz (Part 2)" / Session # 14 "Bohemian Rhapsody" Session # fifteen "My Funny Valentine" / Session # 16 "Black Dog Serenade" Session # 17 "Mushroom Samba" / Session # 18 "Speak Like a Child" "Requiem of a clown" Session # 19 "Wild Horses" / Session # twenty # twenty-one Session "Boogie Woogie Funshei" / Session # 22 "Cowboy Funk" Session # twenty-three "Brain Scratch" / Session # 24 "hard Luck Woman " "(first part) Session # 25" The Real Folk Blues "(Part 2) The Real Folk Blues (the last episode) Session # 26" stage is reached the solar system in the 21st century space age. In the world to confusion, the bounty system has been introduced to diversify various crimes occur, to catch criminals ... was scattered in the interplanetary. Combination of spike and jet also is a member of such a bounty hunter.

There is also a regular version available, not limited:

Sadly and what you usually can expect, no english subtitles :(
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Time Travel Ninja
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Oct 11, 2011
This gives hope to a release with English subtitles in the near future. :)

I hope so too, from what I have read Bandai USA is no more. I just hope some country will get this blu-ray release too.

Hopefully not France as they never put english subtitles on barely anything.