Cowboy Bebop TV Series Vol 1 (Blu-ray SteelBook) [Korea]

Sep 23, 2012
Cowboy Bebop TV Series Lenticular Steelbook Vol.1 Collector's Edition (Limited numbered 500 copies)

Release date: 26 December 2013
Buy link: Aladin - KRW 83,600 ($78.90)

[블루레이] 카우보이 비밥 TV시리즈 CE 상권 (4disc) (우리말 더빙포함 / 탄생 15주년 기념 렌티큘러 2종 스틸북 500개 넘버링 한정판)
Translated by Google translate ;

[Blu-ray] CE Cowboy Bebop TV series commercial (4disc) (Korean Dubbed includes / 15th anniversary of the birth of two kinds of lenticular numbering 500 Steel Book Edition)


Disc 1: This service ( approximately 47 minutes , episodes 1 and 2)
- Commentary (about 24 minutes , Episode 1)
- Additional Video
* Non- credit Ending
* PV & CM
* TANK! Full-size version music clips ( Director : HARU)-FROM Session # 0
* TANK! Music club remix edition version of the clip -UK ( Director : HEX & DJ FOOD)-FOROM Session # 0
* Picture Drama - Ain summer vacation
Disc 2: This service ( about 98 minutes , episodes 3-6)
Disc 3: This service ( about 98 minutes , episodes 7-10)
Disc 4: This service ( about 98 minutes , episodes 11-14)
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Mar 4, 2010
Looks cool, but I really hate it when they release things in volumes. This wasn't a particularly long series. I believe only 26 sessions, if my memory serves me right. These can be broken up into 4 BD and it would be nice if they would make a G2 sized steel that hold 2 per-side. Then it can stay skinny instead of the crappy jumbo ones. To top this off, it would be cool to see a separate steel of the movie. Anyone else see this as a better option too??
Nov 9, 2014
In this day and age there is no excuse for releasing a 17 year old anime in volumes.... Love the steels but not the price ****
is this still available on the site? how can I change it to english lol
The only place where it seems to be available is here : Asiandb
Never ordered on this website so you should contact them first.
Well- I just got my order from AsianDB.
Now, while I did GET IT- the process was a massive headache and I honestly couldn't recommend ordering from them unless truly desperate.

Here is my experience:

Order placed for Volume 1 ONLY on June 29th, at the time, I was informed that the item would ship out in 2-3 days.

After 23 business days, I was informed that they actually DON'T have Volume 1 in stock, and that I would have to send them an additional $120USD for the Volume 2 (since they had volume 1 and 2 in stock).

After sending the requested money, it took another week before the item was dispatched.

When I got it, I found out that the items were opened and pre-owned and not new.

I contacted the customer service page, and was informed that all "Rare Items" should be expected to be second hand, even though this was not detailed anywhere when I placed my order.

Furthermore, I am STILL trying to work this out with Customer Service because the item was not listed as a "Rare Item" when I placed my order.
Aug 24, 2011
Sydney, Australia
Uhm yeah, while I love the show. It doesn't seem to worth the effort. No English subtitle and seemingly dodgy website to order from are just nopeville. I'll just hope that someone bigger will do a steelbook for this later on like the Miyazaki Collection.
Feb 16, 2018
New Zealand
I’ve got this show on Australia release Blu Ray. It’s the remastered version. It’s in 4:3 as per the original airing. I find it incredibly jarring watching with black bars on both sides, so it’s sitting under the bed gathering dust.

Cool series though.
Since I'm just displaying the Steelbooks- I was thinking about Selling the Lenticular slipbox. I don't know if there is any interest for it or if there would be any takers here.
Let me know if there is.