Cowboy Bebop Ultimate Collector's Edition (Blu-ray SteelBook) [Korea]

This is the Ultimate Collector's Edition of the TV series.
Release Date: June 25th, 2013
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Aspect Ratio: 4:3 풀스크린
Languages: Japanese / Korean
Sound Mix: DTS-HD 5.1CH/LPCM 2.0CH/Dolby Digital 5.1CH
Subtitles: Korean
Region Code: A
Run Time: 572 mins
Number of discs: 7
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Feb 8, 2012
Dublin, Ireland
Such an amazing show, have the UK blu rays on pre order for a while now. Thinking of getting this one and switch the disc. But this makes it a very expensive set...


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Even though it sounds like a bad deal with no English subtitles, I want to congratulate the Korean distributor on getting this release on steelbook for the Korean collectors and fans of this series. Not every release from any country needs to be targeted for the global market. Thank you for sharing the information, Choi.