Horror-Theatrical Crawl - In theaters August 23, 2019


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Title: Crawl (2019)

Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama

Director: Alexandre Aja

Cast: Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper, Ross Anderson, George Somner, Ami Metcalf, José Palma, Morfydd Clark, Annamaria Serda, Savannah Steyn, Colin McFarlane

Release: 2019-08-21

Plot: While struggling to save her father during a Category 5 hurricane, a young woman finds herself trapped inside a flooding house and fighting for her life against Florida’s most savage and feared predators.

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Nov 26, 2017
Heute Tension and Hills Have Eyes were good, otherwise Aja's been quite lame IMO. But let's keep fingers crossed.


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Aug 4, 2012
I enjoyed the film but it fell a little short for me. The graphics and acting were great but the alligators were closer to monsters in there behavior than animals. That’s part of the magic the original Jurassic Park captured that the sequels failed to capture (the lost world did to an extent but I can’t forgire the gymnastics scene). Overall a movie I would buy on blu ray 7.5 of 10.
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