Legendary Art Series Crimson Peak Crest by Bartosz Kosowski


Est. 2011
Dec 5, 2011
Thunder Bay
PRICE: $50
SIZE: 18" x 24"
ORDER: Legendary Shop



In collaboration with Legendary’s Art Series and Bartosz Kowoski, we’re delighted to present this Limited Edition Hand Numbered Screenprint. The 6 color screen printed edition of 150 comes with an Artist Signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Printed on uncoated archival paper by D&L Screen printing using hand mixed colors, quality techniques and materials.

Please allow 28 days for delivery.
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Hey, everyone! So I have very exciting news... for the past few months, @Snollygoster and I have been putting together a partnership between HDN and Legendary! Today, we launch our first video: the Crimson Peak 'Crest' art print!

And just for the community at HDN, Legendary wanted us to know that they're offering a 20% discount off of this print until Friday!

Bring the dark beauty of Allerdale Hall into YOUR home! To celebrate the release of Crimson Peak on October 16th, we are offering a 20% discount on the stunning Bartosz Kosowski screen print from the Legendary Art Series. Enter the offer code ‘Crimson’ at checkout. shop.Legendary.com

I just posted an article here, so for all of you who have social media, I'd really appreciate if you could share the video, article or both. I want this thing to get as many hits as possible because it could strengthen this HDN/Legendary partnership for the future! :)


@digitalbabe -- please spread the word, DB! :thumbs: