Crimson Peak Possible Mondo X SteelBook


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Jan 26, 2009
I have no intel...

but seeing as how Mondo is dropping Crimson Peak posters for Guillermo Del Toro film and Legendary Pictures is pimping the hell out the art at SDCC one would suspect it could be a future possibility.

Art by Daniel Danger (middle one by Guy Davis)

CrimsonPeak.jpg crimsonpeakmondo.jpg crim.jpg CrimsonPeakDelToro.jpg

the clayboard original one is going to GDT

Felt this could make for some good chatter.
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@Wreck You have no Intel? :rolleyes: And I hate Candy! :p
Anything GDT, I'm in :D

Maybe they'll do PR next :drool:

@bloodsnake007 @tridon
@Apollon :) May your wonderful words come true! :notworthy: :D

I'm ALL for a PR Mondo Steelbook! :woot: And so is @Scary Hair!

But... Godzilla 2014 needs to accompany it! :naughty: :drool: Especially now that they announced plans for a Statue of the Mondo poster by Phantom City Creative. :photo:
I'm looking forward the see the movie in cinema. The trailer looks great and I hope it doesn't promise too much.

If the movie is great (I think del Toro won't disappoint me :D), then I would definitely buy a mondo steelbook of it. The poster artworks look great! :thumbs: