Cujo (Blu-ray FuturePak) [Spain]

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Mar 24, 2013
... with one of those magnetic spines comme ca:-

Anyway, yuck, and that crazy spine . . . classy film deserves better - like this one from France:-
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Sep 9, 2011
Just ordered....with a gift bag. Hope the bag will give more protection during shipping. Pretty sure they send in a cardboard envelope. Have been lucky lately with my steelbooks from Amazon Germany...last 3 have shipped in a box with some padding...maybe they’re changing their ways.


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Jan 4, 2012
I think that they could have dropped the title on the back considering it's already on the front and the spine is facing the wrong way... I will pass on this one, I might get the french one if nothing better turns up.
Yeah. The back cover is actually already a blu ray cover so they've went with two front covers really.

Might have been better off to have put the rear on the front (as it wouldn't work without the title-it would just be a random house!) and put the front art on the back with no title......
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Nov 21, 2016
did anyone got it? mine is shipped few weeks ago, also i have preordered Masters of The Universe and still not charged-despatched.