Cult Spaghetti Westerns (Blu-ray Box Set) (Cult Fims) [UK]


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THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION OF CULT SPAGHETTI WESTERNS, acknowledged by film critics and fans worldwide as cinematic landmarks, brought together for the first time in this must-have collector's set: THE SPAGHETTI WESTERN STARTS HERE!

DJANGO Banned in UK until the 90s, Sergio Corbucci's ground-breaking western stars Franco Nero as Django, the mysterious lone gunfighter who arrives in a bleak, mud-drenched town. Caught in the middle of a violent feud between two gangs of sadistic bandits, Django will need to fight for his life armed with his devastating revolving Gatling gun. Music by Oscar®Winner Luis Enriquez Bacalov.

A BULLET FOR THE GENERAL aka QUIEN SABE? Directed by Damiano Damiani (Amityville 2)

During the Mexican Revolution, a covert US assassin sent to kill the rebel General Elias, infiltrates a gang of bandits led by the charismatic El Chuncho (Gian Maria Volonté of the Leone Dollars films). The gang which also includes the crazed priest, El Santo (Klaus Kinski) and the beautiful Adelita (007 s Martine Beswick) will unwittingly lead the gringo assassin to the General.

Music by Oscar® Winner Ennio Morricone.

This is director Enzo G. Castellari s (the director of the original Inglorious Bastards and Tarantino s avowed maestro ) acknowledged Western masterpiece. Franco Nero is Keoma, a gunslinger who returns to his hometown to find it is now ruled by a gang of sadistic villains. Aided by his childhood friend, a superb, banjo-playing Woody Strode, Keoma will fight the ruthless killers to the bitter deadly end.


  • Exclusive in-depth presentation of each film by acclaimed filmmaker Alex Cox (Repo Man, Sid and Nancy.. in the style of his epoch-making Moviedrome BBC Series
  • Exclusive, lively interviews with: Franco Nero (Django); director Damiano Damiani (Bullet For The General); and outspoken Enzo Castellari (Keoma)


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  • Conversation with Django star Franco Nero
  • Alex Cox (maverick, filmmaker RepoMan & presenter of BBC Moviedrome), defines Django
  • Alternative opening sequence
  • Dual audio: English, plus optionalsubtitled Italian
    Remastered in HD from new scan of restored negative
  • More extras to be confirmed


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Release date May 18th is not yet confirmed and may be a later release date

Cult Films posted a reply on twitter May 4th
Unfortunately we are not planning a release on May 18th. These news falsely circulated for quite a while. We apologize for this as we are planning a later release yet TBC

So don't be surprised if you pre order from Amazon and your order does not get dispatched
May 4, 2013
Scotland, UK
Ah, except it’s not really definitive. It’s 3 superb movies granted but there are some missing. Yes I get different distributors, rights holders and so on but Companeros and Texas Adios would have been great too.