Custom SteelBooks Designs - Post Your Own Concept Art!

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Apr 9, 2021
Didnt realise this thread existed,

Direct print to steel customs no stickers.

Over 200+ steelbooks created on my page.

Also ACP range of premium customs sets. ACP 001 was Bloodsport.

002 is lost boys, pre order starts sunday july 31st

Full retail quality and soft touch slips with spot glossing and lenticulars, not glossy paper/cardboard

ALL ART! if not my own has absolute consent from the artist!!

Ive worked with some of the best artists in the industry.

@Astro creations on FB.



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Jul 7, 2022
Here are two of my favorite customs! The Book of Boba Fett makes me love all the Mandalorian parts with the Child standing in front of the Rancor as interior art.

Had these commissioned
and very satisfied with them!!
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