Daniel Danger - Mondo Con Offerings


my releases for mondocon are....

- 'ship will right itself' - 24x36" 11 color print, edition of 300, $100. abigail was 8 color and $80 so i figure thats pretty on point. will have about 150 with me.

- 'take your time...' - 24x36" 8 color prints, editions of 150 grey, 150 green, and 100 batshit purple. $80. healthy amounts of the green/purple, less healthy amounts of the grey. hopefully a preview/earlybird of the big baller super edition.

- 'where do you go when you go?' - 12x36" 8 color print, variant edition of 150. $50. will probably have about 100 with me.

- very few last copies of crimson peaks & hannibal
- 25 matched sets of last years green trilogy (protect you, sometimes, were gonna wake up)
- 'days of mondo past', regular and a small grip of color-your-own keyline variants for those who wanna get creative with those in the room.
- a shirt release at mike mitchells booth

clayboards, honestly, i dont know. way way more people have asked about them than the number of boards id actually be capable of doing. i hit a snag with getting the boards this week and my hands have been really hurting so well play it by ear. i want to, its just logistics at this point.
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